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The transformation leaves the solution unchanged in regions which correspond to physical reality, producing the correct outgoing waveform based upon the angular separation and distances of two electrons far from the nucleus.

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Once the wave function has been calculated, it must be analyzed by computing the "quantum mechanical flux," a means of finding the distribution of probability densities that dates from the s. This computationally intensive process can yield the probability of producing electrons at specific energies and directions from the ionized atom. Because electrons are identical, there is no way to distinguish between the initially bound and initially free electron.

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The researchers acknowledge important advances made earlier by others such as Igor Bray and Andres Stelbovics, whose methods could give the total cross section for ionization of a scattering reaction but could not give specifics such as the directions or energies of outgoing electrons. By contrast, says Rescigno, "Our work produces absolute answers at the ultimate level of detail.

Comparison with real scattering experiments, such as those recently published by J. The experimental data points match the graph of the cross sections calculated by Rescigno, Baertschy, Isaacs, and McCurdy with astonishing exactitude.

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The details of our method probably won't survive, but we've taken a big step toward treating ionizing collisions of electrons with more complicated atoms and molecules. Rescigno, M. Baertschy, W.

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Isaacs, and C. McCurdy appears in Science magazine, 24 December The authors conclude by noting that the same computing power and tools necessary for investigating the complexity of increasingly larger systems are also needed "to answer a basic physics question for one of the simplest systems imaginable in physics and chemistry. It consists of a two-week school, followed by a discussion meeting. The topics to be covered in the school include:. School 2nd Week - Experiment : Matter wave interferometry, optomechanics experiments, entanglement experiments, tests of decoherence and experimental tests of the quantum measure.

A Discussion Meeting will be held during the 3rd week.

Fundamental Problems in Quantum Theory: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences: Vol , No 1

During this meeting, the following questions will be addressed: What is the state of the art in experiments testing quantum theory with light, and with matter? What are the conceptual implications of gravity applied to quantum systems? What are the limitations imposed by, or new possibilities allowed by entanglement in relativistic quantum systems?

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They also have broad applications in different fields, including quantum metrology and biological sensing. The understanding of the underlying physics of these defect centers are of great importance to the applications.

Freeman Dyson: Why General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics can't be unified

In close collaboration with world's pioneering experimental groups, we are studying the rich quantum phenomena occurring in solid-state defect centers, particularly the spin dynamics and novel quantum optical processes. Thermal atoms have broad applications such as ultra-sensitive magnetometer with alkali-metal vapor cells and inertial measurement unit based on spin-exchange pumping.

We study the elementary physical processes behind these applications, including atom-photon interaction, atom-atom collision, and atomic spin decoherence, etc, both theoretically and experimentally. We will try to establish quantitative connections between the microscopic process and the ultimate performance in various applications, and to explore quantum resource which may lead to revolutionary techniques in the future applications.