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Hickman, Erin E. McDonald, Kendrick Henderson. Effect of carbon nanofiber z-threads on mode-I delamination toughness of carbon fiber reinforced plastic laminates. Bradley A. Processing, structure, and properties of carbon fibers. Multiscale modeling of stress transfer in continuous microscale fiber reinforced composites with nano-engineered interphase. Mechanics of Materials , , Quanxiang Li, Jeffrey S.

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Design and Analysis of Natural Fibre Reinforced Epoxy Composites for Automobile Hood

MAX phase ternary carbide derived 2-D ceramic nanostructures [CDCN] as chemically interactive functional fillers for damage tolerant epoxy polymer nanocomposites. RSC Advances , 5 21 , Journal of Materials Science , 50 1 , Cartwright, S. Esconjauregui, D. Hardeman, S. Bhardwaj, R.

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Weatherup, Y. Guo, L. Bayer, P. Kidambi, S. Hofmann, E. Wright, J.

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Effective formulation and processing of nanofilled carbon fiber reinforced composites. RSC Advances , 5 8 , Sagar M. Doshi, Erik T. Self-sensing carbon nanotube composites. Effect of wet jet milling of carbon nanotube on electrical properties of polymer nanocomposites. Materials Chemistry and Physics , 3 , Mechanical properties of carbon fiber composites modified with nano-SiO 2 in the interphase.

Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology , 28 21 , Leon Mishnaevsky, Gaoming Dai. Hybrid and hierarchical nanoreinforced polymer composites: Computational modelling of structure—properties relationships. Kimiyoshi Naito. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance , 23 11 , Zhang, R. Asmatulu, S. Soltani, L.

Le, S. Mechanical and thermal properties of hierarchical composites enhanced by pristine graphene and graphene oxide nanoinclusions. Carbon fiber surfaces and composite interphases. Barra, F. De Nicola, B. De Vivo, L.

FEM Analysis of Mechanical and Structural Properties of Long Fiber-Reinforced Composites

Egiziano, L. Guadagno, P. Lamberti, M. Raimondo, G. Tucci, L. Vertuccio, U. Vietri, R. Enhanced electrical properties of carbon fiber reinforced composites obtained by an effective infusion process. Surface modification of carbon fibers by a polyether sulfone emulsion sizing for increased interfacial adhesion with polyether sulfone. Joel S. Fenner, Isaac M. Mohammad K. Hossain, Md Mahmudur R.

Chowdhury, Mahmud B. Salam, Johnathan Malone, Mahesh V. Hosur, Shaik Jeelani, Nydeia W. Improved thermomechanical properties of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composite using amino functionalized XDCNT. Flame synthesis of carbon nanotubes onto carbon fiber woven fabric and improvement of interlaminar toughness of composite laminates. Shear lag analysis of a novel short fuzzy fiber-reinforced composite.

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Acta Mechanica , 9 , Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance , 23 9 , An investigation into the performance of composite hat stringers incorporating nanocomposites using a multiscale framework. Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites , 33 15 , Richard J. Cartwright, Santiago Esconjauregui, Robert S. The role of the sp2:sp3 substrate content in carbon supported nanotube growth. Carbon , 75 , Pozegic, I. Hamerton, J. Anguita, W. Tang, P. Ballocchi, P. Jenkins, S. Low temperature growth of carbon nanotubes on carbon fibre to create a highly networked fuzzy fibre reinforced composite with superior electrical conductivity.

Carbon , 74 , Electrophoretic deposition of different carbon nanoscale reinforcements on carbon fiber fabrics and mechanical properties of the resulting hybrid multi-scale epoxy composites. Polymer Composites , 35 7 , The interphase microstructure and electrical properties of glass fibers covalently and non-covalently bonded with multiwall carbon nanotubes. Carbon , 73 , Rafiee, X. He, S.

Journal of Sound and Vibration , 14 , Composites Part B: Engineering , 63 , Journal of Materials Science , 49 14 , Related Information. Close Figure Viewer. Browse All Figures Return to Figure.

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Previous Figure Next Figure. Email or Customer ID. Forgot password? Old Password. New Password. Password Changed Successfully Your password has been changed. Returning user. Request Username Can't sign in? The importance of reinforced composites will grow in this area. While the structural behavior and the simulation up to high strain-rate processes for those materials have been in the focus of investigation for many years, nowadays the simulation of high cycle fatigue behavior is getting important as well.

Efficient fatigue analysis for metals was developed by understanding the microscopic behavior crack nucleation and initiation and bringing it to the macroscopic level by combining it with the matching test data SN curves etc. Similar approaches can be applied to composite materials as well. The paper gives a comprehensive review of fatigue simulation of fiber reinforced composite, based on the authors' experience in this field for different types of composites like random fiber reinforced to textile reinforcements, from detailed micro-structure analysis to efficient multi-scale algorithms, and from structural applications to detailed fatigue analysis.