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Calhoun had made it the center of governmental energy, the forum in which the great issues of the country were thrashed out. And how, by the time Johnson arrived, it had dwindled into a body that merely responded to executive initiatives, all but impervious to the forces of change.

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And we watch him achieve the impossible: convincing southerners that although he was firmly in their camp as the anointed successor to their leader, Richard Russell, it was essential that they allow him to make some progress toward civil rights. Book Three of Robert A. The result is both a galvanizing portrait of the man himself—the titan of Capitol Hill, volcanic, mesmerizing—and a definitive and revelatory study of the workings of personal and legislative power.

It will be hard to equal this amazing book. It reads like a Trollope novel, but not even Trollope explored the ambitions and the gullibilities of men as deliciously as Robert Caro does. I went back over chapters to make sure I had not missed a word.

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Robert Caro has written one of the truly great political biographies of the modern age. A tale rife with drama and hypnotic in the telling. Master of the Senate splendidly reassembles the U. Senate of those years. Caro achieves a special tension, too rare in history books but essential in epic poetry: the drama of a hero who is wrestling with his enemies, his limitations and his fate to achieve something truly lasting.

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In his hands, the obscure fight over legislation becomes nothing less than a battle for the soul of America. He entrances us with both his words and his research. No other contemporary biographer offers such a complex picture of the forces driving an American politician, or populates his work with such vividly drawn secondary characters. With compelling narrative power and with remarkable subtlety and sensitivity, he illuminates the Senate of the United States and its byzantine power struggles.

These should be the American sagas; these should be our epics. Bob Caro has given us a beauty, and I think we owe him great thanks. Rich and rewarding. It is impossible to imagine that a political science class on the U. Nothing gets his Oedipal adrenaline going like a successful, powerful man of great accomplishment and impure heart. Especially if that man is a liberal. Character flaws are Caro's specialty. Robert A.

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Caro was graduated from Princeton University, was for six years an award-winning investigative reporter for Newsday, and was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University. To create The Power Broker , Caro spent seven years tracing and talking with hundreds of men and women who worked with, for, or against Robert Moses, and examining mountains of files never before opened to the public.

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In preparation for writing Master of the Senate , the third volume, Caro immersed himself in the world of the United States Senate, spending week after week in the gallery, in committee rooms, in the Senate Office Building, and interviewing hundreds of people, from pages and cloakroom clerks to senators and administrative aides.

Among the numerous other awards Caros has won are the H. Mencken Award, the Carr P. His website is www. Note: The unabridged Master of the Senate has three volumes.

How LBJ Mastered the Senate: The Most Riveting Political Biography of Our Time (2002)

The perspective listener can only tell this by carefully examining nearly illegible cover pictures. Audible should clarify this in the web site's text. Those lines can be edited from the audio file. Great story again. But the announcement of - and waiting for - changjng sides and tapes is a bit too much of a blast of the past. I have been fostering irritation since the beginning of this volume of the Years of Lyndon Johnson. I can only presume that three separate interns were assigned each part of the volume, and each had their own level of incompetence.

Feel free to check my account history, I am not someone that flies off the handle at every little inconvenience. I certainly tried to put this out of my mind, but since I was reminded every 30 minutes or so of the issue it was sort of hard to ignore.

The Years of Lyndon Johnson. Volume 3 Master of the Senate

Nothing much else to say, if you've made it this far in the Years of Lyndon Johnson you're already sold on the author and the narrator, and their excellence continues. I am dictating while traveling, my apologies for any minor errors in grammar or punctuation. An immaculate and delightful political book! There simply is not a more detailed account of political success than Caro's masterpiece.

I will add that the audio quality and narrator's voice are both excellent. I humbly recommend to all. Loved it.

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Well narrated. Encapsulates who the man really was and thoroughly explains the institution and those whom inhabited it. Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why? Man it's long, but when it was over, I felt like I was losing an old friend. Good thing Passage of Power was next in the queue. He does an excellent job of weaving in specific themes without being overbearing or redundant. As soon as I get another six months to commit to a book, I plan to dig into his book on Bob Moses.

It remains a story that grips and fascinating. The editing has improved with very few repeated sentences.

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There are 14 virtual cassettes 28 sides and you have to sit through a virtual flipping which involves instructions and second silences 28 times. This would be annoying were it not for the brilliance of the biography. Theos has not been edited well to go from cassette to mp3 or at all. It was disappointing that part one worked, part two was poorly edited and part three was not edited. The actual story and narration is good and builds on the previous books. This was a great continuation of the story. I felt it was a bit too detailed, but what do you expect from Caro?

The third part of the recording was haphazardly put together. Proof listen Audible, please. I read them after listening to The Power Broker. And it's been one of the privileges of my life to do so. Get Your Free Audiobook. Written by: Robert A. Narrated by: Grover Gardner.