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The US team went on to ransack the shelves, and out of eleven small molecule samples, none of them recrystallized for this experiment in any way, they got structures from all eleven ten using direct methods for the data, one by molecular replacement. This includes complex natural products like brucine , shown at right, and check that resolution. Edit: note that reference — others have actually been doing ED on small molecules, although this application to nanocrystals is likely to make it take off even more thoroughly. How about this next one, the antibiotic thiostrepton? As you can see, the electron density is a bit more raggy, but jeez, this is powder right out of the vial.

As a formulations specialist will tell you, getting a truly and reproducibly amorphous powder can be a real pain, because a lot of the time what you have is some sort of microcrystalline powder. Tiny little crystals, of just the sort that MicroED can apparently eat for breakfast. The crystals used in this paper are thousands of times smaller! How about mixtures of compounds? The different crystals therein show up as different shapes on the EM grid, and you can pick them off one by one, allowing you to get several structure determinations out of a complex mixture if the constituents have managed to form microcrystals of their own.

No, really, this is great. The Ang. Can you let solutions evaporate right onto an EM grid and use those? Is there an analog to anomalous dispersion, as in X-ray work, to get absolute configurations? What happens to solvates under MicroED conditions? Congratulations to everyone involved for pushing small-molecule organic structure determination into a new era! He seems to be just as blown away by it as I was. When you think that 60 years ago most labs could barely get a usable NMR, and now we have what amounts to 3D pictures of the molecule.

Mind: blown. I know. In my lifetime in college we had to deduce a structure from he old department beater continuous wave NMR, IR, UV, and bunches of reference tables. And now this! Electron Diffraction is definitively a game changer. Not everything can be measured using this technique. Therefore, crystalline systems that loose solvent and therefore loose crystallinity can't be measured using this technique.

Though, the technique is very promising and will increase the amount of possible structures in a 3 to 4 fold. Santiso-Quinones Crystallise! AG, Switzerland. Awesome work. One thing I noticed… is it just me, or is the microED structure of progesterone the opposite enantiomer of what is expected? Thanks for this great write-up Derek! It is awesome to see the excitement from the community about the possibilities of this technique! Thanks for the plug Derek. I am thinking what it would take for, say, a small biotech to set up a cryo-EM facility like this for routine use.

I would combine this with a coffee shop or bar adjacently so one could have a coffee waiting for the results and drinks afterwards to celebrate. I also work in the area and have often transported samples in an envelope, in a styrofam box filled with dry ice, even in my pockets nothing particularly toxic or radioactive or explosive, I should clarify , and with the small amounts required for MicroED this will be easy enough.

I shudder a little bit, but it was a glass jug, not the metal can of THF. I was extremely careful newspaper padding, etc. I like that bucolic vision, and in the Bay Area you could get about two hundred samples done while you sit in traffic on the Pretty soon we are going to be able to drop a pinch of material into a receptacle and look at the hologram of the structure.

Fun stuff. Is it a requirement to have some small crystals in there? Write those grants. Yes, you still need the tiny crystals. Yes, you still need to have nano-crystallinity to see diffraction. The experiment runs in the exact way crystal structures are determined using X-rays, but instead we have used electrons. With regards, Dr. AG Switzerland. I have obtained X-ray powder patterns of small molecules but needed help from experts to try to interpret the data.

I already knew the structures and just wanted info about the crystal packing. But this new tool looks amazing!

8 Structure Secrets of Gemstones

I still have some old unknown side products as powders from reactions gone awry. The only reason why many people are still referring to it as EM is because you use for the time being and electron source which is embedded in an Electron Microscope. If we can be of help with your old samples, contact us. With regards Dr. AG, Switzerland info crystallise.

You can drop a chiral crystal onto a grid and determine absolute configuration by microED as long as you put a couple nanocrystals of chiral reference material on the same grid. We would have soon in Switzerland the possibility to offer Electron Diffraction as a service.

Gustavo Santiso-Quinones Crystallise! AG Swizterland info crystallise. I wonder if I am the only one curious about the timing of the two papers. If that should have been the case they should have mentioned and cited the ACIE article. This statement about WSJ is not characteristic of many scientists, even perhaps of the majority. What I can say is that this paper the first version was submitted to Science long time ago. Unfortunately it was rejected. Then it was submitted somewhere else without success too. Finally it got accepted in ACIE. If the timing of the two papers was a coincidence, who knows.

But we were trying for almost half a year before to get this out. And also, congratulations on really exciting work!

The question of timing is a question that only the authors of the preprint paper can answer. It is, however, obvious from the timestamps that the ACIE paper was online before the preprint was submitted. Do you mind asking me if you or any of your co-authors considered publishing a preprint of your article? I am astonished that it got rejected, not once, but twice!!! Are you allowed to give grounds for rejection? Just curious….

To state the obvious, great work!!! Huge practical importance again, stating the extremely obvious…. Well done!!! Will a datum have a metadatum? Dear Derek, First I want to congratulate you and thank you for such a nice blog. We have successfully analyzed nano-particles from an industrial inorganic sample which was never before fully characterized. We succeeded during this series of experiments.

Yes, if you have evaporation of your solvent and your material remains as nano-crystalline, as long as you find one particle to irradiate, you will most probably get diffraction within the limitations and other important aspects to consider. Absolute configuration confirmation like in X-ray is the golden goal. We are working on that and maybe it will be possible to have enough anomalous dispersion signal to confirm the absolute configuration.

Though as far as I am aware now , it is still not possible. Yes, you are right, what happens to compounds that could loose solvent and therefore loose their crystallinity? Though we are working on the possibility to overcome such problems. Dear Gustavo, Can you remind me who you work for? Very cool stuff, as the authors are commenting, could they explain how their paper is an improvement over last years Science paper on locating hydrogens with ED?

For example, the ChemRxiv paper talks a lot about amorphous materials, but everything they show has sharp Bragg peaks — i. While this is indeed fantastic stuff, these are definitely not the first examples of the structure solution of small organic molecules by electron diffraction. But what stands out here is the application to nanocrystals, which are far more common and easier to obtain than the large single crystals used in the past.

That was the same thing that made MicroED such big news in protein crystallography in I submit that nothing is as fun for an organic chemist as seeing pictures of their molecules. I started smiling about the paragraph on progesterone, and this news may keep me going through the weekend. Hotchy mama, what a world we live in!

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When do we get the iPhone app? Thanks a lot Derek, digging out info about the MicroED. Meredith weaves in the Fractal nature of Anatomy throughout class as we open our bodies into greater levels of ease, and learn more about the connections between parts of our bodies that help us help ourselves in daily life. This class is very slow and gentle and good for ALL levels of flexibility!

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Today is the day we make a conscious commitment to bring the knowledge and the tools we have learned and experienced together into the heart of our daily lives and increase the quality of our contribution and impact with our families, our community and the world. Nassim Haramein will be our main guide as we begin our dive into the science and experience of the unified field we all share.

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We will go right to the heart of the matter and build our understanding, awareness and experience of our connected universe from stillness into form, at all scales. Understanding our relationship to this unified field and our impact on it is an essential component in our quest to activate our potential and increase our positive impact in the world. This workshop will take the participant on a journey with live Cymatics projections, demonstrations of levitation with sound and magnetics, illustrated by physical and mathematical concepts that help us describe and explore the reality we live in.

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This workshop examines the discovery and evolution of the human understanding of numbers and their role in physics, chemistry, photonics, gravity, music, art, architecture, mathematics, measurement, time and human awareness. Our degree of health depends on the degree of our resonance with the unified field. It is time to look at our health in a larger context of our relationship to the unified field and the life force that animates and connects us all.

What is the UF? How do we know? What is it comprised of? How is our health dependent on it?

Electrons and Crystals (Science For Everyone)

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Solid-state electric generator, positive gain electric motor and the crystalline Ambient Energy Cell, are examples of revolutionary energy generation, which will soon be available to everyone worldwide. Mystical embodiment combines transpersonal psychology, parapsychology, and somatic psychology with comparative mysticism, philosophy of mind, and advances in physics.

Absolute Configuration With Electrons | In the Pipeline

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In this talk we will discuss what HRV is, from a holistic and physiological perspective and then take a deeper dive and describe how our heart rhythm exhibits properties of Complexity Theory. Not only will we explore the fractal and chaotic nature of HRV, we will look at research indicating that our nervous systems are synchronized each other, the Earth and the Cosmos.

This talk will be an exploration in to the sub-atomic world of the electron. From the history of what and how we know to a more unified perspective, which sees the electron as emerging from and existing as harmonics in the Planck field.


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This is the basis of the most popular movie in history: Avatar. We have reached a critical time in history where conventional thinking is giving way to progressive ideas based on unified field theory. The Fundamental Discovery that all Mathematical and Physical Constants including Pi, Euler, Phi, Alpha, etc are mirrored reflections of each other using octonion symmetry mathematics with basic transformations related to the number ONE separating from and back into singularity. Is the universe a giant hologram? In this presentation we will see how the answers to these questions are much simpler than these abstract notions, and that in fact, the cosmic hologram is right in front of our noses… literally.

Our everyday reality of Sound and Light IS the hologram. We are inseparably living in it at all times, and our perceptual experiences are entirely based upon the presence of this ubiquitous hologramic field of information that permeates our world and the whole cosmos at all scales. The solution reveals a beautiful harmonic relationship between scales in the universe unseen before. Haramein will expose what turns out to be, truly, the music of the spheres of a singing universal order. For the first time the holographic equations were applied to the universal scale and were able to predict the exact critical mass of the universe without the help or the need to incorporate dark matter and dark energy.

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The microscope revolution that’s sweeping through materials science

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Tuesday pm. Wednesday pm. Coming Soon! Morning Sweat Rock Out! Fractal Anatomy and the Geometry of Healing Meredith Sands Keator — Resonance Academy Delegate This talk focuses on understanding the fractal nature of the human body in relation to discoveries in physics, medicine and ultimately, our illnesses such as cancer. Wielding the Field Adam Apollo — Resonance Academy Faculty Join Adam Apollo in direct application practices of the quantum field through movement, breath, and meditation.

An Introduction for the Etymology of Number Robert Grant — Resonance Academy Faculty This workshop examines the discovery and evolution of the human understanding of numbers and their role in physics, chemistry, photonics, gravity, music, art, architecture, mathematics, measurement, time and human awareness. Mystical Embodiment: Extraordinary Abilities, Biomagnetic Participation, and the Responsibility of Being Human Kara Bernarda — Resonance Academy Delegate Mystical embodiment combines transpersonal psychology, parapsychology, and somatic psychology with comparative mysticism, philosophy of mind, and advances in physics.

Free Energy Unveiled Cristiana Eltrayan — Resonance Academy Delegate The talk reveals the secrets of how our human body can use free energy as nourishment, from many different angles, including the holistic and the scientific perspectives, combining the journeys and the experience of many people who are on this path.