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Each ball drawn will be marked on the big numbers board, first wave balls in orange, Second wave in purple and third in green. Any card with matching numbers will be similarly marked. When all 45 balls are drawn, all cards with winnings will be highlighted. To set number of rounds click the bet round limit panel and then select the desired value of rounds. Some limits require a numeric value that must be entered before auto-bet activation. Limits without a valid numeric value will turn off once auto-bet is activated. To close the setting panel click the [-] button.

To start an auto-bet session, click the PLAY button. To Pause an auto-bet session, click the Pause button. During Auto-bet play, the setting panel is closed Auto-bet in the UK. Players from UK who want to use the auto-bet feature must set a loss limit before engaging the auto-bet. The Loss limit is on all the time and cannot be disabled. The Loss limit is visible for UK players all the time the auto-bet panel is open.

Talk to Mar. Talk to Peris. Use the stereo. Use Harry. Look at the graffiti at the far left 11 times. Walk southwest to the school entry. Talk to the caretaker. Open the far right classroom door. Take the keys. Look at Loafer magazine. Walk to the stairs, to the playground. Use the keys of the school on the gym door. Talk to JK. Walk to the school entry. Walk to the stairs. Open the left classroom door. Use the knife on Alvarito. Use the indian arrow on Alvarito. Use the medieval device on Alvarito. Talk to the teacher. Open the right classroom door.

Use the advertising paper on the caretaker. Take the golden key. Take the flat cap. Look at the Tranger picture. Use the key on the drawer. Walk southwest, to the playground. Give the dietary to JK. Open the gym door. Take the hockey stick. Walk east, to the school entry. Use the hockey stick to Mar. Use Mar. Take the revolting stain. Look at the mirror. Open the left door. Open the right door. Use the hockey stick on the hatch.

Find your way through the maze. Walk to the chest. Take the drum. Walk to the dime near the stove. Take the dime. Walk behind the counter, to the oil lamp. Take the oil lamp. Walk to the end of the counter. Take the book. Read the book. Walk to the front of the counter, to the candy machine. Use the dime. Take the sweets. Wait until the puppet comes close. Empty the oil lamp. Use the drum. Walk near the chest until the three toys jump in and the chest closes. Walk through the saloon doors to the back room.

Walk to the vanity case. Take the vanity case. Take the mirror. Walk to the cell in the back room. Walk a little away from the guards. Drop the vanity case. Walk to the candy cane where the guards were. Take the candy stick. Walk to the front room, to the jack-in-the-box. Give the candy stick. Use the mirror. Take the passport. Talk to the guard.

Take the ticket from the man in the purple shirt. Take the jar. Take the lid. Put the lid on the jar. Walk east, into the pawn shop. Give the ticket to the shopkeeper. Use the vase. Walk east, to the alley. Take the bag. Walk west. Take the oil can. Put the camera on the power point. Use the camera on the man.

Use the hat. Walk east, into the bar. Use the western bar stool. Talk to the bartender 4 — 4 Give the coins to the bartender. Put the coin on the wrapper. Take the ring. Talk to the shop owner. Put the fake token in the gate. Take the cassette player. Use the oil on the jammed screwdriver. Take the screwdriver. Wait for a metro to stop. Walk into the metro. Wait until the metro stops for the third time. Walk north, east, east. Take the hotdog. Walk to the subway, west, into the metro. Wait until the metro stops. Use the screwdriver on the balloon. Take the string. Walk west, west, into the subway, into the metro.

Give the passport to the bouncer. Enter the Paradise club. Take the cane. Take the perfume. Put the string on the cane. Walk west, into the bar. Use the screwdriver on the robot. Put the circuit board on the radio. Walk east, to the alley, west. Walk east, onto the boat.

Use the modified radio on the droid. Walk west, east until a truck arrives. Take the straw. Take the grate. Take the stick. Take the vine. Put the vine on the stick. Put the vine on the ring. Use the perfume on the beast. Use the bow on the dome. Use the vine hanging from the dome. Wait until the plant eats the butterfly. Take the rabbit.

Give the hotdog to the man-eating plant. Use the egg on the Giant Kahoula Bird egg. Walk to the hole, north, into the metro. Walk north, east, east, to the pawn shop. Give the Giant Kahoula Bird egg to the shop owner. Take the tube. Walk west, east. Walk west, west, east, to the pawn shop. Walk east, west, west, into the metro. Take the aerosol can. Put the tube on the aerosol can. Wait until the metro stops the second time. Walk north, east, east, to the door.

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Take the stone-like work of art. Put the carpet near the display case. Use the improvised airgun on the display case. Take the pellet. Take the carpet. Walk west, northwest, west, into the metro. Wait until the metro stops the third time. Give the sculpture to the shop owner. Pick up the vase. Go to the status screen. Put the vase in the jacket pocket. Walk to the alley, west.

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Talk to the eastern biker. Talk to the madame. Take the vase from the jacket pocket. Give the vase to the madame. Take the chewing gum from the desk.

Level M – Second Grade

Walk west, to the alley, west. Give the ornament to the eastern biker. Walk west, east, west, west, into the metro. Take the mushroom. Walk northwest, west, into the metro. Put the jar on the hotdog stand. Use the jar on the fly. Walk to the police office. Talk to the desk clerk. Walk west, into the bank building. Talk to the window. Talk to the cashier. Use the buzzer.

Penny & Rio: The Crime Fighting Dog Duo (Review & Giveaway - 12/6) | 5 Vinez Monkeys

Put the chewing gum on the latch. Use the screwdriver on the keyhole. Look at the file. Walk west, to the subway, west, into the metro. Use the blueprint. Put the mushroom in the alcove closest to the bank. Use the bottled fly. Use the flour. Take the bank bonds. Walk east, east, north, into the metro. Walk north, east, east, into the pawn shop. Give the bank bonds to the shop owner. Use the bed. Take the device. Look at the device. Use the device. Talk to the man. Use the trapdoor. Walk to the trapdoor. Walk east, up, east, east, east, east, east, east. Walk east, down, west, west, down, west, west, down.

Walk down, west, west, west, up, up, west, west. Walk down, down, down, down, down, down, east, east. Walk east, down, west, down, east, east, east, up.

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Walk east, up, east, east, down, east, up, up, east. Walk east, down, east, down, east, east, up, up. Walk up, west, up, east, up, up, east, up, east. Walk east, down, down, east, east, up, east, down. Walk east, up, up, up, up, east, down, east, east, up. Wait until you leave the maze. Talk to the man in the suit. Give the flowers to the couple.

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Take the wallet. Use the wallet. Give the credit card to the barman. Give the passport to the barman. Take the bottle. Talk to Narm. Take the tools. Talk to the shopkeeper. Use the screwdriver on the box. Put the fur stole on the clockwork mouse. Look at the book. Talk to the man at the bar. Walk east, southeast. Talk to the guards. Walk north, to the central building to the southwest. Use the furry bait. Walk northeast. Use the trellis. Talk to the princess. Walk north, northwest, north, west, west. Walk east, northwest.

Put the uniform on Jack. Walk inside. Look at the window. Wait for Narm. Talk to Ruthie. Put the warrant on the crate. Walk to the crate. Walk east, inside, upstairs. Walk east, east. Take the crowbar. Take the crate. Walk to the secret passage. Use the crowbar on the crate. Take the open crate. Use the plinth.

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Use the gas canister on the balloon. Walk to the door, east, east, west. Put the pass key in the plinth. Take the canister. Use the canister on the balloon. Put the crystal on the console. Use the console. Walk east, west. Talk to the dictator. Walk to the tent along the road to the northwest. Talk to the Moneychanger. Go to the sanctuary. Open the temple gate. Open the nearby door. Open the door far northeast. Walk northeast, to the doorway.

Open the door far southwest. Walk southwest, west. Go to the forest. Go to the village. Walk southeast until you find the road. Follow the road until the end. Head east to the next road. Follow this road northeast until you find the arch to the square to the northwest. Open the door in the southwest part of the square. Walk to the open door. Look at the bags. Give the coins to the ferret merchant. Walk west, southwest, to the sanctuary through the northwest gate.

Pick up the bucket from the west corner of the sanctuary. Use the bucket on the fountain. Pick up the sourberries in the north corner. Look at the footprint. Use the bag of plaster on the bucket of water. Use the bucket of wet plaster on the footprint. Pick up the plaster cast. Go to the castle. Walk to the castle entrance. Talk to the boar sentry.

Talk to the door keeper. Turn right at the first intersection. Go straight ahead at the next intersection. Turn right at the next intersection. Open the door at the end of the corridor. Answer the question using the information in the manual. Turn southwest at the first intersection. Talk to Sist. Open the door in the north corner of the maze. Walk inside, west. Walk to the far southwest end of the maze. Go to the house.

Walk to the door. Walk to the square. Open the door in the northeast part of the square. Give the pieces of glass to the Glassmaster. Open the door at the outside of the square, on the southwest side. Talk to Sakka. Arrange the other items accordingly.

Walk inside, east. Give the pieces of broken glass to Sist. Open the lodge door in the center of the village. Talk to the Orb of Hands. Give the mud in fur to the Glassmaster. Walk west, northwest. Walk east, to the servant. Go to the northern castle. Walk to the entrance. Use the wooden bowl on the cell door. Use the iron spoon on the loose stone block. Open the loose stone block.

Use the tunnel. Head northwest, and cross the t-bridge to the northeast. Head northeast at the next intersection. Cross the bridge to the northeast and head southeast. Continue the path, ignoring the stone bridge, until you reach the rotten bridge. Cross the rotten bridge and head northeast. Cross the wooden plank and head southwest.

Walk through the doorway to the northwest, south. Look at the map. Go to the village of claw tents. Walk to the opening, west, east. Go to the cottage. Talk to the cottage door. Use the letter from Elara on the cottage door. Pick up the letter from Elara. Go to the mountain stream north of the cottage. Pick up the catnip.

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Go to the clearing northwest of the village of tents. Talk to Kylas Honeyfoot. Go to the quarry to the far northeast. Pick up the flint chip. Go to the oak tree near the rocky gorge in the far north end of the map. Pick up the dry twigs. Use the dry twigs. Use the flint chip on the iron spoon. Use the empty bowl on the beehive. This is a good one to read aloud or for elementary readers just starting on short chapter books.

She loves dogs and dogs that solve mysteries are even better. To enter, just leave a comment below by October Sharing somewhere, somehow will get you an additional entry or two. This one is open to the US and Canada. No need to enter me, my friend. Sometimes, I think she loves them more than us. My kids would really like this — they love any book about animals really but this sounds really cute!

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