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What could be more powerful than for students to discover how history and social forces impact their lives and what they can do to create positive social change?

Be sure to check out Encouraging Students to Take Action to see students research and plan an action project that addresses a contemporary social justice issue. Interested in teaching for civic engagement and social justice?


10 Apps to Help Students With Their Social Studies Homework

What are some other ways you make your social studies instruction engaging? Post your ideas in the comments below so we can learn together. Holyoke College. Lisa is passionate about storytelling, teacher voice and leadership, collaboration, innovative instruction, social learning, and redefining professional development.

Boredom and the ADHD Brain

Lisa leads the Collaborative in engagement and social media storytelling. Annelle Murray Jan 15, pm. Lisa Hollenbach Jul 24, pm. Let's get better together! Skip to main content. Lisa Hollenbach. Facebook Twitter Pinterest More. The Medium is the Message Social studies is often centered around nonfiction, which can be intimidating, challenging, and downright boring for some of our young scholars.

Be a Rebel! Rise Up! Studying social studies enables understudies to make sense of their part in the public eye and in addition their place ever. It will make you familiar with real-world challenges and this enables you to know the nuances of it.

What is Social Studies?

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Why Social Studies? It's "Self-Evident"!

What is your Question? But wait… I have some tips which will help you with that. Take a Different Perspective We often miss the beauty of a subject because of our wrong way of looking. Make it spectacular Reading a comic book is far more enjoyable than reading a novel that describes it for many of us. HipHoponomics , a curriculum created by teacher Greg Caskey, also known as MC Caskey, engages students in the study of economic concepts using the medium of rap and hip hop music. Caskey has earned national attention for his unique approach to teaching.

But there are more fundamental roadblocks to the promotion of economic literacy in schools. Economic literacy falls in the uncomfortable middle ground between these two disciplines.

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Fortunately, many teachers have taken it upon themselves to tackle these issues head-on. In just one example, The Fund for American Studies , through its Foundation for Teaching Economics programs, hosts in-person and online programs for high school teachers, equipping them with the tools to teach economics. Currently, more than 15, high school teachers have participated in these economic education training programs, educating an estimated , students annually.

To bring engaging economics to every U. But these programs are a start.

Science Isn’t Boring. Boring Lessons Are.

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