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PHILOSOPHY - Nietzsche

This book leaves an attentive reader exhausted and bewildered while also inspired and challenged to rethink, at the very least, whether morality or Christianity or theistic beliefs can be justified. Published in , the force of critique and literary mastery bursts forth with at times overwhelming power. Beyond Good And Evil is arranged in nine sections.

Space prohibits inhibits drawing out their density, thus brief summaries will trace the main points running through this text. With this book then, Nietzsche says he will either unbend the bow or break it Essentially he argues that their prejudices—not love of knowledge—is the basis for their truth claims.

Nietzsche on Truth and Philosophy

In What Is Religious Nietzsche develops his notion of the herd instinct and the will to power ; and lambasts Christian morality. Take the saint for example. In Natural History of Morals , Nietzsche discusses the psychologists of morals, the herd instinct of obedience and preservation. This applies to politics as well.

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Democracy is created by the herd mentality Two types of skepticism are discussed. The first is rejected and the second encouraged. The scientific-objective ideal is first type. The second type of skepticism, Nietzsche encourages. This type is for the philosopher of the future , because it required in order to go Beyond Good and Evil. Our Virtues discusses predominate virtues held by the European culture of his day. High spirituality, in contrast, sees through these moralists. The preaching of pity is addressed.

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He then says that Europe has declined in part by embracing pity. Peoples and Fatherlands is an analysis of the decline of German culture. German culture was distinctive and profound. All moralities stem from one of these. The former defines good and bad in correlation to the noble and contemptible. Masters create values. Slaves acquiesce to the values imposed on them. Read more.

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What is the central thesis of Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil?

Reading Nietzsche: An Analysis of Beyond Good and Evil

Quora User , read most of Nietzsche's writings between What are the biggest tracker networks and what can I do about them? Updated Jun 11, If Beyond Good and Evil is not your cup of tea, you can try a few that are good contrasts to see if you like any of them better: Thus Spoke Zarathustra. This is poetic fiction and allegory, rather like a biblical story but with a far from Christian point of view. The Birth of Tragedy. This is interesting and well written expository academic narrative, talking about the nature of Greek art, the Greek world view and how it differs from and might be instructive toward modern peopl Why should I read Friedrich Nietzsche?

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Learn More. Quora User , Quora's resident Nietzsche guy. Yes, I feel for you! What is a good way to begin reading Nietzsche? Hey I'm trying to read Nietzsche's beyond good and evil but finding it difficult to understand, any suggestions to make it easier? What is "beyond good and evil" according to Nietzsche?

What did Nietzsche mean by "God is dead"?