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Also a play by Peter Shaffer with unusual lighting requirements. Blue working lights backstage should remain on and are not usually under the control of the board, except during a Dead Blackout DBO , when there is no onstage light. Exit signs and other emergency lighting must remain on at all times. Used for masking offstage and technical areas. Running Blacks are full stage width black tabs with a split half way, which are usually fitted to a tab track so that they can be opened and closed horizontally AND flown in and out. The tab track control can either be operated from stage level or from a fly floor when they're flown out.

Hard Blacks are black-covered scenic flats used as masking. A Full Stage Black is a black cloth which can be flown in and is the full width of the stage. This is used to go upstage of a gauze to make transformation scenes work effectively, or can be used as a neutral backing for carefully lit scenes downstage.

Blacks flown vertically at the edge of the stage are known as LEGS. Also known as a Drama Cube or a Rehearsal Cube. Positions at the start of scenes are noted, as are all movements around the stage using terms such as 'Gardener X DSL' meaning the Gardener crosses to downstage left.

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It must be described in minute detail, but simple enough to enable anyone to read and understand it. As well as being used to 'run the show' the prompt book is also used for the rehearsal of the understudies. Stages which are not end-on must often use alternative notation, sometimes based on the clock face or the points of a compass.

Blocking Notation. See also working lights. The sung text is called the Libretto. Strictly, a bounce is a white or light blue cloth onto which light is bounced to backlight another cloth. A bounce doesn't need to be seamless, whereas a cyclorama should be. When taking curtain calls, the Stage Manager would instruct the head flyman 'On the Bounce Please' for all calls prior to the final call, which was always 'Hand over Hand', i.

Describes the mixing down of multiple sounds from different tracks onto one track, hence freeing up the other tracks to be re-used. It allowed many sounds to be recorded onto one tape. The term now refers to the digital equivalent - taking multiple audio tracks and mixing them together at their set levels onto a single pair of tracks. BRAIL A horizontal rope, wire or chain attached at either end of a piece of scenery or lighting bar pulling it upstage or downstage of its naturally hanging position to allow another flying item to pass, or to improve its position. In a hemp house, to 'Brail' a static piece a single dead line was put round the 'short' and 'long' line to move the piece to a new position.

A running brail was a breast which allowed the flown piece still to fly in or out, in its new position. More available at the link below. More on Break A Leg. Breakaway furniture and some props are usually capable of restoration to be 'broken' again. BREAST LINE A form of brail running horizontally across the width of the stage, passed across the fly bars' suspension lines and attached at the fly floors to brail the scenery up or down stage, to create a larger space between adjacent pieces.

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BRIDGE 1 A walkway, giving access to technical and service areas above the stage or auditorium, or linking fly-floors. British Sign Language website. BUSINESS A piece of unscripted or improvised action, often comic in intention, used to establish a character, fill a pause in dialogue, or to establish a scene. An author may simply suggest 'business' to indicate the need for some action at that point in the play.

A video relay system, used in the theatre to give a view of the stage to remote technical operators especially stage managers. Also used to give musical performers a view of the conductor and vice versa to help in keeping time. It's called Closed Circuit because the signal is not being broadcast anywhere - there's a direct link between camera and monitor.

Depending on the size of the cable current carrying capacity , cables are used to supply individual lanterns, whole dimmer racks, or carry signals from a microphone etc. Using a computer to help with 2D plans and drawings, or increasingly for 3D visualisation of how a set will look, and how lighting will affect it.

The cues are written in the prompt script. Prior to 'Beginners' the stage is the domain of the stage crew for setting up etc. After 'Beginners', the stage is the actors domain. On a production with a large orchestra, the first 'Members of the Orchestra' Call is for the 'Strings' sections to tune up together, the second call is for the remainder of the orchestra to join them in the pit. The Cue for the Overture to commence is given from the corner, by means of a cue light. The Half hour , the quarter hour , five minutes as well as Overture Beginners, are all given five minutes earlier than the actual call as named.

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CANS 1 Headset earpiece, microphone and beltpack used for communication and co-ordination of technical departments during a performance. As many of the technical operators are tied to expensive pieces of equipment, headsets are often wired. However, stage management and any other crew who move around often wear wireless versions, often known as radio cans. There are interfaces between wired and wireless versions enabling both to be part of the same system. Many headset systems have multiple channels, enabling different sub-groups to communicate separately.

CAST The members of the acting company. The Cast List contains the names of the actors and the characters they'll be playing. Dramatis Personae is a Latin term for a list of the characters in a play. The performers tend to be treated as cattle and kept together in a large room and called in groups to audition.

The Broadway musical "A Chorus Line" depicts such an audition. Marked as CL on stage plans. Normally marked on the stage floor and used as a reference when marking out or assembling a set. A chalked snap line can be used to mark the line in the rehearsal room and on stage. A legal requirement when working with children and a relief for the stage management team! CHEAT An actor movement or lighting change which happens without the audience being aware of it, or a change to improve the situation even though it may not be totally natural e.

See the link below for more. More about Chewing the Scenery. Members of a claque are called claqueurs. Used for cleaning and setting up the auditorium before the house lights usually more atmospheric are switched on. Announced as 'We have Front of House Clearance'. Often marked out with measurements to aid the levelling or deading of the bottom of a flown drape or masking. CLEAT Piece of timber or metal for tying off a rope line by taking a turn around it, followed by a series of figure eight turns and a locking tuck s made in the final turn.

Used when flying or for holding scenic pieces together with a cleat line. Submitted by Chris Higgs. It was a challenge to any member of the stage crew to throw the 'cleat line' over the top hook ' in one' i. Many a pint has been won, with the challenge 'bet you a pint you can't throw it in one! CLEW A ring of metal which is used to join several flying lines or wires to a single pulling wire.

CLOTH A piece of scenic canvas, painted or plain, that is flown or fixed to hang in a vertical position. A Backcloth or Backdrop hangs at the rear of a scene. A Floorcloth is a painted canvas sheet placed on the stage floor to mark out the acting area, or to achieve a particular effect. A Frontcloth hangs well downstage, often to hide a scene change taking place behind. Cut cloths have cut-away open areas and are normally used as a series, painted in perspective.

A Star Cloth also Star Drop or Starcloth usually black has a large number of small low-voltage lamps sewn or pinned through it which gives a magical starry sky effect. In the US, a cloth is known as a Drop from backdrop. In Spanish, a flown cloth is a Bambalina. In German, a floor cloth is a Bodentuch. Including performances by sometimes all of the technical staff and usually none of the actual cast, the panto is written and rehearsed towards the end of the run and is performed in the last few days of the panto, and is often followed by a party.

Jokes refer to any incidents during the run of the show, and send everything up with no holds barred. See also GO UP. Free of charge ticket issued to company members or special guests. There are often House Comps, which are good seats not sold to the public until others are sold out, which are used for VIP guests. In a building-based theatre company, the role is more administrative, dealing with payroll and other matters connected with the cast and crew of the current production s.

See also Trunking. Also used to add weight to the bottom of a flown cloth. Many live event construction projects e. UK Health and Safety Executive website. Large-scale productions have to continue wherever possible to avoid having to give the audience refunds. So if a small piece of the set fails to work or gets stuck particularly automated scenery the cast and crew will have rehearsed an alternative choreography to work around it while the crew repair it. For example in The Lord of the Rings The Musical in London, when the revolving stage with multiple lifts had a safety sensor triggered, the automation went into 'E-Stop' mode, a thunderclap sound effect was triggered, the stage lifts went to a flat floor once it had been found safe to do so and the actors for the next scene were rushed into new positions, while the actors on stage immediately adopted a new choreography.

It's vital that contingencies are worked out in advance so that as soon as something goes wrong, the show can continue, and the audience will hopefully be unaware. The control room is usually soundproofed from the auditorium so that communications between operators cannot be heard by the audience. A large viewing window is obviously essential, as is a show relay system so that the performance can be heard by the operators.

Obviously if sound is being mixed, the operator should be able to hear the same as the audience, so some control rooms have sliding or removable windows, or a completely separate room for sound mixing. Where possible, the sound desk is moved into the auditorium so that the operator can hear the same as the audience.

Also known as the BOX. Sometimes a 'wiggle pin' or corrugated fastener was hammered into the joint before the plate was glued and nailed in place. John Toogood, when the junior apprentice in the workshop, made these plates by the dozen for the 'boss' Roger "Two Hammers" Winkley, one to cool down while he used the other!

There are numerous ways of covering the laughter, mostly involving the actor turning away from the audience and covering his mouth with his hand. Some British pantomimes have an outbreak of rehearsed corpsing, when something appears to go wrong, but is in fact carefully planned. This helps to lift the audience's spirits and make the show seem more alive.

Requires employers to prevent or reduce their workers' exposure to substances that are hazardous to their health. As well as dangerous chemicals and solvents, COSHH also covers ANY substance that is hazardous, including dust particles in a set-building environment. Known in the US as an Arbor. Crosby Group website. A Counter-Cross is a move made by another actor to even out the stage picture.

A Straight Cross is a move directly across the stage in a straight line. Sometimes abbreviated to Xfade or XF. Different speakers handle high frequencies tweeters and low frequencies woofers. Sometimes known as a crossover network. An active crossover splits the signal from the mixing desk into high, mid and low frequencies which are then sent to three separate amplifiers.

CUE 1 The command given to technical departments to carry out a particular operation. Normally given by stage management, but may be taken directly from the action i. Quick - Hide! Cue lights ensure greater precision when visibility or audibility of actors is limited. Sometimes used for cueing actors onto the set. For technical cues, lights are normally now used just as a backup to cues given over the headset system. In the UK, a flashing Red light means stand-by or warn, green light means go.


Glossary of Technical Theatre Terms – Stage Management – ajyvogevipen.tk

In the US, a red light means warn, and when the light goes off, it means GO. The UK system seems to be more secure, but it depends what you're used to. A tabulated list of actions that must be taken by a technical department at a particular point in the show. Cues are numbered, and called by the DSM on the book from the prompt script. We'll pick it up from Simon's line "And from then on it was all downhill" in a moment. OK - we're all set - when you're ready please.

Hungarian: tapsrend. Often replaced with a recorded announcement 'Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the insert name Theatre. May I remind you to please switch off mobile phones and pagers as they can prove distracting to other members of the audience and the performers. Flash photography is also not permitted. We hope you enjoy the show! An alternative call is "Lights Up on Act One". CYC STRETCHER A wooden block with a tightenable bolt through it, threaded-through by a rope, used to clamp to the offstage edges of a cyclorama cloth with the rope tied to an offstage fixing, ideally above head-height.

Enables wrinkles in the cloth to be removed, and also helps to minimise cloth movements caused by air currents doors opening, actors walking past etc. The Cyclorama is a curved plain cloth or plastered wall filling the rear of the stage or TV studio. Often used as a sky backing to a traditional set, or as the main backing for a dance piece etc. The term is often loosely applied to a blue skycloth, or any flattage at the rear of the stage.

Although strictly a cyc should be curved, most cycs are flat with curved wraparound ends. A more effective backing can be obtained by hanging a sharkstooth gauze just in front of the plain white cyc which gives a hazy effect of distance. From Greek Cyclos circle and Horama view or vision. The German equivalent term is operafolie. Dance floor should be left to adjust to room temperature before being taped otherwise it will not lay flat.

Many different types of floor are available, including different colours and degrees of cushioning, and the product may be known by it's manufacturer's name e. Marley Floor, Harlequin Floor. German: Tanzteppich. It covers similar ground to the Americans with Disabilities Act, which became law in DEAD 1 A pre-plotted height for a piece of scenery or lighting bar - 'that bar's on its dead'. Sometimes flying pieces are given a number of extra deads, that may be colour coded, in addition to the 'in dead' lower and 'out dead' higher - out of view. Fluorescent ribbon is often used, through the fibres of the rope.

The fluorescent colour shows very clearly under UV light, which is often used to light fly floors. This is a handle that has to be squeezed by a technician in order for a pre-programmed automation sequence to take place. If for any reason the relevant technician is not in position, the system does not allow the sequence to run. The DSM is often also in rehearsal working with the director to prepare the prompt book. Known in some places as a Stage Director. German: Inspizient. A mechanical device used in Greek classical and medieval drama to lower an actor playing God from the flies above the stage to resolve the conflict in a play.

The term sometimes refers to a character which has a similar function in a more modern drama. DIGS Colloquial term for short-term accommodation for actors during the run of a show. Originally short for diggings, the term appeared in the UK publication The Stage in Also refers to a wheeled camera trolley running on tracks used in the film industry. For example, 'Pass me the doofer so I can sort this thingy'. DOUBLE A member of the cast or crew who appears on stage in place of the leading actor for a particular moment or sequence, either because the lead actor is doing a costume-change, or is in a different part of the venue at the time.

A double is also used for some illusion sequences where the lead actor 'magically' appears to have moved an impossible distance in a short space of time. See also Stunt Performer. This brings them closer to the audience and directs the audience to pay more attention to them. It's important that the DSM does not shout out the next line, while the lead actor is pausing dramatically. A 2 to 3 hour timeslot can cover the same amount of dramatic time when the action of the play occurs in 2 to 3 hours or it can cover a hundred years or anywhere in between.

See also TABS. The water prevents it buckling as it descends. Any defects, misfits etc. Also known as a Costume Parade. The performance as it will be 'on the night'. German: hauptprobe final rehearsal. DRIFT 1 The effective travelling distance of a suspension barrel between the lowest it can reach with the scenic piece attached and the underside of the grid. The drift will be variable depending on the depth of a scenic piece suspended beneath the barrel. Petal Drop, Leaf Drop etc.

The lid usually opens downwards, and can be secured by a hinge pin. The pin can be pulled out with a piece of string through a small loop or eye, which stops the pin being lost. An electric release can also be used, involving an electromagnetic device called a solenoid to either pull out the pin. DRY 1 An actor forgetting the words of his script. Recording with an effect is recording 'wet'.

Also known as a Dry Tech. Refers to the area nearest the audience on stage right. Prompt side or PS is stage left. See PLAN. In the US, the term "elevation" refers to a Front elevation. A Rear elevation shows backs of scenic elements. A side view of a set is known as a "section". Emergency Lighting systems should be checked regularly as required by local licencing authorities.

It's especially important to consider power cuts when using non-theatre spaces especially outdoor spaces for performances. This usually applies to music concerts or stand-up comedy shows, where the performer will have an extra song or routine ready if there is a lot of applause. From the French which means "again" or "more". END ON Traditional audience seating layout where the audience is looking at the stage from the same direction. This seating layout is that of a Proscenium Arch theatre.

Also known as Proscenium Staging. The end-on stage can be split into 9 areas: upstage right, upstage centre, upstage left, centre stage right, centre stage, centre stage left, downstage right, downstage centre, downstage left. As the definition of 'live events or experiences' includes music concerts, theatre, theme parks, visitor attractions, museums and sports events, the skills needed are very broad. It's not necessary for anyone to be highly skilled in all of the crafts, but an understanding of the whole picture is very helpful, and knowing when to call in a specialist and where to find them is vital.

The crafts involved in entertainment technology include, but are not limited to: Lighting stage lighting and architectural lighting Sound live and recorded Video and Media projection or display Scenic Construction and Automation Show Control Animatronics Costume Props and Masks Make-Up and Prosthetics. ENTR An 'overture' to begin the second part or act of a performance. Often used now to describe any interval music. The ghosts entrance is from upstage left. The trade union of actors, directors, designers and stage managers. More on Ghost Light. The Equity Showcase status requires that the production is a limited run and has a small production budget.

Actors should be, at the minimum, reimbursed expenses, and any volunteering should have benefits free workshops and producers should make every effort to get publicity and agents to see the show. Casting an Equity Showcase. Used to indicate that more than one person leaves the stage. The direction for a single person is simply Exit. EXIT 1 A part of the set through which actors can leave the stage. The fireman exits downstage right. The character being pursued is Antigonus, a lord of Sicilia, who has been ordered to abandon the baby Princess Perdita.

New legislation in Europe means that the word 'EXIT' has been removed from these signs to be replaced by 'Running Man', known more politically correctly as 'Person moving purposefully'. Term originally derived from the film industry. Used to reduce the size of the opening when putting a small set onto a large stage. For example to allow trucks guided by tracks cut into this false floor, to be moved by steel wires running in the shallow 2 or 3 inch void between the false floor and the original stage floor. A false stage is also required for putting a revolve onto a stage. Available in multi-circuit form so that the lamps can be 'chased'.

Works intensively with actors training them how to avoid hitting and hurting each other, how to use weapons safely etc. Fight directors are highly skilled and trained and should not be substituted for someone 'who once saw Gladiator' and thinks they can repeat it!! Society of American Fight Directors Fightdirector.

FIRE EXIT Particular exit s from a building designated by local authority fire officer to be the correct means of escape from a part of the building in case of fire. It is the responsibility of all staff and performers to ensure that all fire exits are kept clear, unlocked and accessible at all times. Another great leap forward!. Many scenic materials require regular re-application of fire proofing treatment. FIT-UP Initial assembly on stage of a production's hardware, including hanging scenery, building trucks etc.

An item treated with a flame retardant will limit or inhibit the spread of fire by not supporting combustion. FLAT A lightweight timber frame covered with scenic canvas, or plywood. Flats are used to provide a lightweight and easy to move and re-configure backdrop to a stage set. Flats sometimes have windows or doors built into them to provide extra flexibility, for use in realistic settings. Masking flats are used to hide areas the designer does not want the audience to see, or to provide actors with an exit, or somewhere to store props.

Hardboard is sometimes used, but is unnecessarily heavy and will lose it's shape in time. Most theatres have a range of stock flattage made to a standard size, and re-used many times. A Rail is a horizontal batten within a flat. A Stile is a side or vertical piece within a flat. A Sill is the bottom rail of a flat. FLOAT FLATS A technique to get a set of flats to a horizontal position on the stage floor by removing weights and braces, ensuring the area is clear and that people are wearing safety goggles if there's danger of flying dust, then footing the flats, and pushing them over so they are cushioned by air pressure and land safely on the deck.

FLY Verb - the action of lifting an item up out or down in when attached to the Flying system. A flying piece of scenery can be flown in down or out up on a particular cue given by the DSM to the fly operator on the fly floor above the stage. With the advent of counterweighted systems, this refers to the area where the flying system is operated.

The follow-on can be taken by the operator once a previous cue is complete, or a lighting or sound cue can be programmed to happen a specific time after a previous cue. Fly follow-on cues are often taken as soon as the operator has completed a previous cue. FOOT 1 The action of bracing the bottom of a ladder while a colleague climbs it e. I'll only be a couple of minutes'. Performances that take place outside the theatre e.

The fourth wall convention is an established convention of modern realistic theatre, where the actors carry out their actions unaware of the audience. Where the cast addresses the audience directly, this is said to be 'Breaking the Fourth Wall'. These divisions can be useful in splitting up rehearsal schedules, and for marking lighting changes etc. Calls are normally made at the Half 35 mins.

There will be one interval of 15 minutes, and drinks can be ordered at the bar prior to the performance. Most common widths are. Used for temporarily securing almost anything. Should not be used on coiled cables or equipment. Also known as Duct Tape. See PVC Tape. Genie Industries website Access Equipment. Usually treads. Usually preceded by the strike where the set is disassembled back into component parts. Also believed to keep the theatrical muse in a 'dark' theatre, and to stop people tripping over bits of scenery when they come into the theatre in the morning.

The ghost light consists of a vertical pole with a bare light bulb on it, and is placed on stage. Care should be taken that the cable doesn't create a trip hazard, and that the light bulb is protected with a metal cage. Where possible an energy-saving lamp should be used.

Also known as the 'Equity Light'. See link below for more information. Could also refers to the light emitted by a lantern when a dimmer has not been 'trimmed' correctly, and is leaking. More information about Ghost Light. A staple is often used to secure the tape to a floor where it might move. GO The action word used by stage managers to cue other technical departments.

The button is usually labelled GO. GO UP The time the show starts e. GOD MIC A PA system setup for a director to use in a large venue to talk to everyone on stage without shouting, during rehearsals and technical periods. Also used in some small or experimental spaces for tech crew to talk to actors or other crew, if no headset comms system or radios are available. Normally said during lighting plotting sessions or technical rehearsals.

Refers to a particular type of toggle switch used for manual telephone exchanges which is reliable, silent and heavy duty, and is perfect for Stage Management Desks. But is no longer manufactured. It is also very important to make a good impression on everyone you meet in the business, as bad impressions will be spread around the grapevine very quickly. Modern tools such as Twitter have made the grapevine even more widely spread, and great care must be taken to not publish anything on Twitter that you wouldn't say to someones face.

Needs special removing cream. GRID 1 The support structure close to the top of the fly tower on which the pulleys of the flying system are supported. Constructed from metal or wooden beams. Usually wears black. The groundplan shows all items standing on the stage floor and any permanent items which will affect the production, and the position of any flown pieces. The set design groundplan enables the lighting designer to be clear about exact location of all items, and will have the walls of the stage drawn on it so that the stage management team and production manager can plan furniture and set moves offstage.

Typical scales are Venues have a base plan showing proscenium, walls, seating etc on which individual set and lighting plans can be drawn. HALF 1 The Half is a call given to the actors half an hour before they will be called to the stage for the beginning of a performance.

It is given 35 minutes before the advertised time of commencement in the UK. On Broadway, the Half is given 30 minutes before the start time. Subsequent calls given are the 'quarter' at 20 minutes UK , 'the five' at 10 minutes UK and 'beginners to the stage' at 5 minutes before curtain up UK. Also known as Final Call.

Harnesses can be obtained which are designed for this effect, but standard safety harnesses are not suitable. The rope must have a safety-rated rope built into it, which is suitable for suspending the shock load of the actors' weight, which must be attached to the harness in such a way that it's not possible for the fake noose to ever tighten around the actors' neck. The hanging must take place with other members of the company present, who have been trained in how the system works under professional supervision. Simply using a rope with a weak point e. A far safer way to hang an actor is to do it offstage, or use a blackout or blinding light along with a sound effect to misdirect the audience into thinking they've just seen a hanging.

The phrase comes from the s Roy Rogers television show, where it was the title of the closing theme song: "Happy Trails to you! Roy Rogers TV show closing credits Youtube. HEAD SOUND The head of the sound department, which deals with any recorded music, sound effects, vocal reinforcement and music amplification required in the production. See also NO. Also used when an object is being dropped from above.

The legal component is the Health and Safety at Work Act , but there are a number of regulations which relate to safe working. Safety in Live Entertainment on Theatrecrafts. However, if the audience fails to laugh, the pause will slow the pace of the performance. The actors must learn to react to the audience as they react. An even more dangerous practice is to assume that the audience of the show tonight will laugh at the same points as the audience of the previous show.

HOUSE IS OPEN Announcement made over backstage communication system to let cast and crew know that the auditorium is open to the audience and that if there is no curtain, they should stay off the stage. It is good practice for no-one crew, cast or management to walk onto or off the stage while the house is open unless it's part of the show of course! IATSE website. If the improvisation helps the performance move forward, appropriately, due to a technical or other issue, then improvisation can be helpful.

If, however, it's put in to raise a laugh or breaks character or the mood of the scene, it is frowned on. Theatrical Logic. There are often a number of entrances through the seating. Special consideration needs to be given to onstage furniture and scenery as audience sightlines can easily be blocked. Stage managers and directors often use the idea of a clock face to describe actor positions on stage e. An event or performance staged by a manufacturer or company in order to launch a product or celebrate a milestone of some kind.

Such events are often spectacular. INVENTORY A numbered packing list which itemises all single pieces travelling on a tour; all cartons, flightcases, crates, baskets together with quantities and descriptions of contents. Extremely important if touring abroad to satisfy customs. Also known as a 'Russian Run'. It was manufactured by a retired British pharmacist, John Tynegate, during the s and s, in the village of Abbotsbury, Dorset. Many varieties of blood, having various degrees of viscosity, shades and textures were available.

Since Tynegate's death, the name "Kensington Gore" has become a generic term for stage blood. Kensington Gore was used in the film The Shining. Director Stanley Kubrick had several thousand gallons of it gushing out of an opening elevator during the elevator door scene. Kill channel 6 please. LEGS Vertical drape set as masking piece at the side of an end-on acting area. Usually set up in pairs across the stage and used in conjunction with borders to frame the audiences view. Legs are hung from flying bars, and are usually fairly narrow in width 1.

One of many possible origins of the phrase 'Break a Leg', meaning to take an extra encore from the legs after a successful performance. French: Pendrillon also used for wider tabs, but not full-width stage curtains More information on Break A Leg. The fader is designed to be operated at it's optimal position which is labelled 0dB. The decibel dB scale is a measure of sound intensity. Interesting dynamics between different characters in the play can be explored using various levels. The script of a musical. The writer of the Libretto is the Librettist. LIFT CALL An additional rehearsal session, often before a performance, to go over tricky choreography which includes lifts where one performer lifts another.

See also Fight Call. Also called the Get In, or the Loading Dock. It is at high level so that weights can be loaded when the bar is at the lowest point usually a few feet above stage level. LOCK RAIL The part of the flying system in the theatre where the brakes and rope locks are applied to the ropes to ensure that a fly bar cannot move once set.

Prior to this agreement, Equity basically dealt with Broadway type productions and nothing else. LX Short for Electrics. The department in the theatre responsible for stage lighting and sometimes sound and maintenance of the building's electrical equipment. A piece of musical theatre will credit writers of 'Book' and 'Lyrics'.

The author of the book writes the script unsung and the lyricist writes the lyrics in the songs. Musicians Union website. Also for marking position of furniture etc. Always be aware that some tapes may damage or mark some wooden floor surfaces! This type of masking is sometimes known as "Up and Down Masking" as it runs up- and down-stage.

This term seems to be rarely used now. The downstage legs are furthest apart, and each set of legs moving upstage is moved onstage, with the upstage set narrowest. The exact distances involved vary according to the size of the space, and the acting area required. The same applies to the borders. Italian: quintatura. From the Latin for 'of the morning', but who does theatre in the morning? This is determined by the fire department, or a fire officer, making use of local regulations about the amount of space required for each person, and by the number of fire exits and the size of exit walkways and the number of toilets etc available.

A minijack to twin-phono cable is used to connect from a laptop, phone or MP3 player into a sound system or mixing desk that has phono 'pin plug' input connections. MODEL A scale model provided by the set designer to help all the technical departments to co-ordinate and plan a production. Used as a reference when building, painting, dressing and lighting the set. When that's been approved by the director, and has been roughly budgeted, the final model is produced which should look identical to the finished set on stage. This is used as a reference by scenic artists and lighting designer etc.

One example is the flute sound in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman. Many theatres have their own code words. MT Abbreviation for Musical Theatre. NARRATOR The Narrator of a piece of theatre is a performer who speaks directly to the audience to tell them part of the story, to give additional information, or to comment on the scene or the behaviour of characters.

That was by far the hardest challenge I've had as an actor and I think as far as my career goes up to this point, my biggest success This is without a shadow of a doubt my favorite character I've had the opportunity to play and one of my favorite plays of all. Basement by Daniel Guyton. One-Act 25 min , Part Two of "The Darker Places Trilogy", a series of one-act plays centering around 3 different rooms in a troubled man's home.

It chronicles their efforts to escape. The character was masterfully crafted, the play a gem. Bedford's Sty by Daniel Guyton. One-Act 20 min , A grown man named Bedford refuses to clean up his bedroom - even when a ghost tells him he has to! It explores the hell we create for ourselves. This play has taken elements of This play has taken elements of comedy and thrown in moments of psychological thrills and created a piece that culminates not only the collection of plays within "Bits and Pieces" but also the entire Inhuman Festival occurring at the Alley Theater.

Bedford's father has died and left his 4-year-old child into the care of Lucas, a sadistic money-grubbing cousin who, in fact, murdered Bedford's father. Meanwhile, the father has turned into the living room, yes, the living room. The fourth wall is broken several times with good effect in this play, and there are wonderful surprises involving Bedford's toys and later, arsenic. At first I was a little leery , but it is fast becoming a favorite. The ending is truly a chilling moment, particularly in the innocence of Bedford and allowing the audience and reader to see the future before he can.

It was wacky and comic in performance, and included bits of audience participation that truly captured the imaginations of all viewers. With memorable performances all around, it was a satisfying finish to an evening of uneven entertainment. Beneath the Monolith by Daniel Guyton. Keyword: Steampunk, Art and Artists, Art vs commercialism, painter, art vs.

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  6. One-Act 10 min , A young artist struggles against the Industrial Revolution in this Steampunk style universe. The play follows the interactions of two artists who are old The play follows the interactions of two artists who are old friends - one who is poor and struggling against the oppressive industrialization of the Steampunk culture, the other who has embraced it and become very successful.

    Be Yourself by Daniel Guyton. Three teenagers struggle with their own self-image and self-worth. Everyone tells them to "be themselves", but neither of them can really figure out what that means. Intended for high school or older audiences. Bingo, the Birthday Clown by Daniel Guyton. Keyword: Birthday Clown, funeral, male monologue, one man play, horror comedy, dark comedy, 10 minute play, halloween. One-Act 10 min , Bingo attends the funeral of his best friend in full birthday clown regalia - much to the chagrin of his best friend's family. Hey, you can't spell funeral without F-U-N! Meet Bingo, he's Meet Bingo, he's out of his element but attempting to pay his respects to a former love.

    Boys Night In by Daniel Guyton. Keyword: bromance, Fun Ice, Heat stroke, Power Outage, Ice cubes, shaved pubes, naughty comedy, 10 minute play, sex farce. One-Act 10 min , The power goes out on the hottest night of the year. As the thermostat rises, so does the tension between these two roommates. Keyword: werewolf, horror comedy, children's play, One-Act, competition, award-winning, slapstick, elementary school, middle school. One-Act 30 min , A group of students believe their teacher is a werewolf, in this hilarious farce!

    Henderson, in particular, but all the adults really, reflect the view children often have of adults as arbitrary and nonsensical, but still powerful. I think this should be great fun in production! I also enjoyed some of the subtle truths on display, such as how adults are perceived by children. Nice job! Chris James Browne is convinced he saw a werewolf outside his bedroom window. Madison Blythe Gouker and Benny Katherine Teller believe him wholeheartedly while Jacqueline Maddie Gouker thinks he is just making excuses about why he did not do his homework.

    Natalie Hawthorne Natalie Whaley - well, she has no idea what is going on! Throw in Detective Karloff Chris Parrish working a missing-person case, Principal Lonnie Chaney Heather Watson trying to take care of her students while crushing on the detective , and Natalie's looney mother, Mrs. Hawthorne Brooke Brannan , obsessed with canned hams and seeing veterans, and you have all the ingredients for a zany, full-moon adventure.

    To top it all off, the kids think their literature teacher, Mr. Hemming Mason Herron might possibly be a werewolf! Lights, sound and effects are expertly controlled by Scott Rossow and Emma Vaughn. The behind-the-scenes stage crew, Ryan Crawford, Hali Hubbard and Savannah Woellert keep the scenes changing while the players race for their lives from a cat-eating werewolf Natalie Thomas.

    I can just picture kids doing it. Very good work! The Brass Banyan by Daniel Guyton. Genre: adventure, comedy, dark comedy, drama, fantasy, melodrama, period, romantic comedy, science fiction. Keyword: Steampunk, hot air balloon, travel, Victorian era, botany, s, minute drama, sci-fi.

    One-Act 10 min , Two scientists take a journey in a hot air balloon to search of the elusive "brass banyan" in this Steampunk style universe. Brittle by Daniel Guyton. Keyword: museum, museum curation, curator, wax figures, statue, artwork, One-Act, genderless. Three people in a museum discover that the junction between life and art is far more complex than they imagined. Your play was very good and fascinating.

    The actresses did a fantastic job! Christmas on Life Support by Daniel Guyton. Keyword: christmas, holiday comedy, Christmas play, holiday play, Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, 10 minute play, life support, DNR. Santa's been in a terrible accident, and it's up to Dr. Gumball to save his life. Can he do it? Or will we lose Santa and Christmas forever? Crawlspace by Daniel Guyton. Keyword: Darker Places Trilogy, miscarriage, Psychopath, mental illness, childhood trauma, rocking chair, minute play, Schizophrenia.

    One-Act 7 min , Part Three of "The Darker Places Trilogy", a series of one-act plays centering around 3 different rooms in a troubled man's home. Daffodils by Daniel Guyton. Keyword: social issues, incest, abuse, redemption, love, protection, tornado, 10 minute drama, 10 minute, dark romance. One-Act 10 min ; A young man and his fiance' travel to his childhood home. While there, some very dark secrets emerge to the surface.

    I was in tears by the time I was halfway through it. With a tight script by Daniel Guyton, With a tight script by Daniel Guyton, spectacular direction by David Crowe, and an amazing, talented cast. I was blown away. David Crowe's direction is brilliant-- Dan's script is intensely, beautifully written, and [the] cast [is] outstanding. Holy cow, is it good! You gotta see what the amazing David Crowe has done with Daniel Guyton's poetic, twisted mommy issues! Those who know me will know that I don't praise a piece if I don't like it But I can't say enough about what the Circle Ensemble has done with Dan's trilogy.

    In the best possible way It's very rare to have such dark material treated with humor I think it rings the most true, because there's humor in everything. Dead Giveaway by Daniel Guyton. Genre: comedy, dark comedy, farce, romantic comedy. Keyword: Valentine's Day, funeral plot, bad romance, 10 minute romantic comedy, 10 minute comedy, married life. One-Act 10 min ; Robert buys his wife an unconventional gift for Valentine's Day, which leads to an awkward conversation about love after death.

    The play was rehearsed yesterday and the actors concerned as we piloted 8 plays ALSO decided it was the best play. What this means is that it WILL be performed. There is still one more judging process - the audience - but the likelihood [is that] yours will be the overall winner.

    Voices of color : scenes and monologues from the Black American theatre

    You are amazingly talented. Their light-hearted discussion about their mortality leads to the hypothetical romantic future of each possible surviving spouse. An excellent play. Well-written, and well-performed. Brilliant winner of the competition. Death of a Snowman by Daniel Guyton. Recommendations: 3. Keyword: Christmas play, holiday play, global warming, climate change, the afterlife, accepting death, children's play, Snowman. One-Act 10 min , A snowman and a little girl discuss the afterlife in this existential Yuletide comedy. One short play has a little girl charmingly but profoundly discussing death and the after-life with a compassionate snow man, for example.

    You had me laughing and crying throughout the play. I felt as if my face were leaking, I cried so much during this piece, but I just let the tears fall and wiped them away as needed. That's why it's the second to the last play of the evening. The theme is the fragility of life and the pain of loss The play [features] the wonderful work of Indigo Colbert as Charlotte. So convincing is her performance as the sad, wistful child I cannot begin to guess at Colbert's actual age.

    She is concerned that he'll be "going away soon. Charlotte asks him why people die and he retorts, "Why do people live? It was a glorious three year run, broadcasting well over one hundred plays. Thank you One-Act 10 min , Dominic the Donkey gets laryngitis on the day before Christmas. Santa will be devastated, unless Dr.

    Stevens can come to the rescue! I think it's going to be a hit with our audiences. Don Wannabe by Daniel Guyton. Keyword: Shakespeare, poetry, casting couch, heightened prose, Don Juan, bad romance, first date, swearing, 10 minute comedy. One-Act 10 min ; A handsome Hollywood player actually wants to be sincere with women, but he just can't seem to do it.

    His inner monologue keeps taking over A producer and an actress share a conversation over a A producer and an actress share a conversation over a glass of wine as he slips in and out of brilliant sporadic Shakespearian 'moments of truth.

    Works under MDS 812.00

    Poor Don can't keep his inner thoughts to himself, as he is overwhelmed by the wiles of a sexy, young actress. Can he win the young lady's company I thought it was the one of the two or three really strong shows of the night and two of the evenings best actors were cast in the leads. They took me back to some gut wrenching laughter at the Last Frontier Fringe [Festival] in June, courtesy of Dan's deliciously dark sense of humor Paco got big laughs in SPAT!

    They were really well done I know most of the actors, and they were just great. They do this amazing creative staging. Your plays got a great response! I majored in LitCrit Long may you wave! Dracula Gets Gingivitis by Daniel Guyton. Keyword: vampire, halloween play, halloween comedy, halloween, dentist, Count Dracula, twilight, 10 minute comedy, comedy sketch.

    When Count Dracula gets a bad case of tooth decay, only Dr. Price can save him. Too bad Dr. Price really lives up to his name! Keyword: Christmas play, holiday play, One-Act, comedy, elementary school, children's play, middle school, Santa Claus, math mathematics. Happy the Christmas Elf decides that he no longer wants to be a Christmas Elf.

    Instead, he wants to be a math teacher! Only problem? He doesn't know how to add. From there, hijinks ensue, as Happy and the other From there, hijinks ensue, as Happy and the other students learn a lesson about math AND about the true spirit of Christmas. Fat Dick by Daniel Guyton. Keyword: minute play, gangsters. One-Act 10 min , An overweight private detective has to solve a murder.

    But can he figure out what to eat for dinner first? And quite literally laughed out loud, then had to read it out loud to my husband. Great stuff! The style of speaking, the well developed story, surprises and funny lines. It was gangbusters, see!

    Table of Contents

    Reminded me of Prairie Home Companion, the private eye in the Acme building - Guy Noir - still trying to find out the meaning of life. In this case it was a donut - which is kind of perfect. The action takes place as a stereotypical film noir meeting in the detective's seedy office. There are clever lines, many recycled "fat" jokes, a nice flow, and an appropriate ending twist. Peg Thon is terrific as the offstage voice of a secretary Paul Donnelly has directed the proceedings with nice blocking and a nice flow.

    The show went over very nicely and got a lot of laughs and I think you would be pleased with it. Father and Son by Daniel Guyton. Keyword: atheism, christianity, 10 minute, dark comedy, finding religion, Jesus, Christian play, Existential Absurdism. One-Act 10 min , God becomes an atheist. Hijinks ensue. Your dark comedy would add a nice twist. Thank you again for letting me use it Thank you again for letting me use it.

    We read it yesterday, resulting in an inspired and delightful discussion. Fear by Daniel Guyton. A group of teenagers and adults deal with fear in their lives; from terrorism, gun violence, racial tension, and more. There is hope, but they have to work together to find it. Keyword: mafia, gangster, gangster comedy, One-Act, absurd farce, mafia spoof, cheesecake, diner, pool boy, Kidnapping. One-Act 40 min ; Two mob thugs pressure a poor schlub into doing their dirty work.

    Ey, it's freakin' hilarious. Friends, Robots, Countrymen by Daniel Guyton. Keyword: Steampunk, cyborg, robot, Artificial Inteligence, 10 minute, sci-fi, political satire, fascism, Antifa. The half-human, half-robot mayor of Steel City threatens punishment for anyone who engages in sabotage - or knows anyone who engages in sabotage in this Steampunk style universe.

    Georgie Gets a Facelift by Daniel Guyton. Keyword: gun violence, child murder, Girl Scouts, minute, dark comedy, attempted suicide, Thin Mints, award-winning. One-Act 15 min , A young man tries to kill himself in this dark, disturbing comedy, but an accidental murder puts things into perspective. Mature audiences only. But thanks to Folsom's expert delivery and Lisa Anne Haram's hilarious performance as his all-abiding mother, this darkest-of-dark-comedies had the audience in stitches.

    The beauty lies in the writing, which is snappy, succinct and original All the language and character and thematic depth exist in both, just on a different scale Impeccable timing by a tight, focused cast ensemble with plenty of textural gravitas and dry comic delivery This is exactly the sort of creative endeavor that matches FIT's mission and maintains a high level of artistic integrity. Joey Folsom, in a surprising, clean-shaven, buttoned-down turn, helms the play with signature crisp stage presence and distinctive voice.

    His lengthy, surreal, tender conversation with a dead body is an acting high point for the entire Festival. Lisa Anne Haram creates a bizarre reality, as horrifying as she is delicious to watch. Stephanie Hall masters the transitional arc [of] the play And it works famously. Plan on being horrified, then amazed, then relieved; and imagine James Thurber. It's a strong start for novice director Chad Cline.

    In a festival well-known for minimalist sets, this one wins the prize for the most minimalist. There is almost nothing to distract the viewer; all the attention and focus is on the three actors. Not like you're thinking, though. I am proud to have been able to play a role in the Shelterbelt's production of 'GEORGIE', especially knowing that the play helped you express things through humor that had been working on you for so long. At the heart this film is about a young man who has invested everything of himself in the American Dream being slapped in the face with the reality that the American Dream is a lie.

    Hard work and dedication don't get you much when you are a member of the expendable dwindling middle class in modern America. After successful runs across the nation on stage, this 'delightfully dark', 'jaw dropping', 'heartbreaking', 'relevant' story is being re-imagined for the screen. Her final sacrifice is a tragically honest twist in line with the only way she can carry on. Got Change for a Two? One-Act 45 min - Co-written with Spencer Temkin. Two friends get drunk, discuss money, and bad-mouth the opposite sex.

    Grave Assurances by Daniel Guyton. Genre: comedy, dark comedy, drama, horror, satire. Keyword: minute comedy, horror comedy, murder, antisemitism, Stand-up comic, graveyard, cemetery, class and economic inequality. I think I was the luckiest actor there! Funny, funny stuff! What a rush! Can a common ground be found amiss sic the sense of entitlement — and how far will a person go to hold on to a priceless treasure they so desperately crave? One of 7 haunting one-acts performed in Tales from the Script! Grimbaldt, the Christmas Pimp by Daniel Guyton.

    Keyword: Christmas play, holiday play, anti-christmas, prostitution, pimps and hos, Santa Claus, Raunchy comedy, blaxploitation. A series of short vignettes 20 min total intended to be the framework around an evening of short holiday plays. Grimbaldt the Elf does NOT want to make toys anymore.

    Instead, he wants to be a pimp, and entertain the "naughty" people in the audience. That was the most hilarious and completely That was the most hilarious and completely unproducible thing I've seen in a while We were pissing ourselves, and at the same time desperately afraid that anyone would hear us reading it. Holy shit, that was Farrelly Brothers material. The Grim Raper by Daniel Guyton. One-Act 10 min , The Angel of Death tries to pick up women the only way he knows how With roofies. Genre: dark comedy, drama, political, satire, tragedy.

    Keyword: one-minute play, Donald Trump, American politics, election, Controversial, anti-racism. Two people debate the merits of a possible Trump presidency in this one-minute play. Hate Male by Daniel Guyton. Keyword: angry monologues, female monologue, one woman play, prison monologue, prison, jail, horror, sexual abuse, incest, metoo.

    One-Act 10 min , An angry punk grrrl who hates men is arrested for murder. She tells us why she did it. It starts with a vitriolic, foul-mouthed diatribe against an unseen guard on the other It starts with a vitriolic, foul-mouthed diatribe against an unseen guard on the other side of invisible bars. The woman has suffered sexual abuse, and her behavior and language alternate between sweet come-ons and hateful insults.

    The innocent-faced Ms. Smallwood, with a bruise around her right eye, nails the character. Hers is the most evocative tale. Smallwood is captivating and a bit terrifying in her portrayal of this damaged character. Keep an eye out for future offerings of this piece. I thought this one really call[ed] out to me.

    Hilarious Nightmares by Daniel Guyton. Keyword: Anthology, Collection, One-Act, minute plays, horror comedy, halloween, atheism, attempted suicide. A collection of eight Minute Plays with a darkly comedic twist. These shows will terrify you, make you laugh, and might even make you These shows will terrify you, make you laugh, and might even make you cry - all at the same time.

    Come hear murderous confessions, romances gone wrong, and dreadful deeds aplenty. These dark comedies are sure to delight, offend, and most of all entertain! Published by Next Stage Press. The full collection can be purchased here: www. Daniel Guyton has a wicked sense of humor and a fearless approach to storytelling.

    This is a great collection of short plays, and while they will most likely shock and offend you, they all have such meaningful social commentary. Think something along the lines of South Park, except on stage. If you don't enjoy crass humor or have an open mind, this may not be the read for you. If however, you're looking for something new and exciting, pick this up! Dan Guyton is a gifted author, and so unique among the playwright community! Funny, edgy, even spiritual!

    I was almost offended! Well done, well written and well played! I love Guyton's sense of humor! These plays are perfect for pushing the envelope while busting a gut from laughter. After you read them, you'll be looking for a stage to perform them. True brilliance. First off, Guyton has written and published a lot of plays and this collection is a very good introduction to his quirky style.

    His writing is at once funny, disturbing and more than just a little twisted. Secondly, if you're looking to produce a short play, say 15 minutes or less, and you want to find a unconventional comedy that leaves you feeling a bit uncomfortable and maybe somewhat offended , you'll find it in this collection.

    Read the first play in this collection, 'Georige Gets a Facelift', about a suicidal young man, and you will immediately see what sort of a ride you are in for. It's not going to be for all tastes, but if you enjoy it, the good news is that seven more plays follow! And if you enjoy this collection you'll probably want to purchase a few more of Guyton's plays. Do you have possibly eight or ten 10 minute pieces that are comedies?

    We were thinking maybe of doing a Guyton festival Just wondering. Don't miss this one. The cast has put in a lot of hard work, and the writing is just phenomenal. Oh, and it's funny. And offensive. It's like South Park on stage. Or Family Guy, just without the flashbacks. Well, mostly without the flashbacks. There's a tooth fairy. And stage guns.

    And it's just good, alright? So no excuses. Be there, or be not as cool as I thought you were. It's not really suitable for adults either. In fact, we aren't really sure who it's suitable for. Truly great! I've never seen any of their many productions - as indicated in the text - but it's easy to visualize them on stage. They are marvelously theatrical. Just as important, I think, they are very well-crafted. And absolutely "hilarious" - that's not an exaggeration. And neither is the term "nightmares. There's a real heart behind the outlandish comedy.

    Well worth reading - and producing - if you enjoy intelligent entertainment. His Georgie, from 'Georgie Gets a Facelift', is a pushed too far man on the brink, almost talked down from the proverbial ledge by his kind to a fault mother. The pay-off is well done, allowing Gary to return to his repressed mindset and catapulting him to what we imagine is his next disastrous encounter. Edward Bainsbridge, tips the scales towards the recently incarcerated Bainsbridge honestly tells of his perversion and how he slowly developed his need for this connection.

    This is written with a bit of southern trashy charm and filled with a wild warmth of description, character, and event. Rebethany is incredibly likable despite her flaws and reading this monologue made me want to see it on stage immediately. Each story allows for moments of laughter, empathy, and deeper experiences of the relationships around us and the variety of forms they can take.

    Keyword: Christmas play, holiday play, off-beat holiday play, female monologue, one woman play, Mrs. Claus, Santa Claus, Santa and Mrs. One-Act Monologue 10 min. Mrs Claus explains how she and Santa first met, in this charming one woman monologue. The delightful tale is all the more sentimental because of Steigerwald's tender storytelling ability. You will find yourself believing every word of the future Mrs.

    Claus' account of the Christmas she encountered the jolly elf in her childhood home. It is no surprise that this piece earns the Gotta Go "favorite of the evening" award once I realized afterward that it had been written by Daniel Guyton. I hope you receive TONS of productions of this sweet and moving piece. Simply amazing! I'm Not Gay! One Act 10 min. A gay man and a homophobe are trapped on an elevator together. This one was my favorite. So much ridiculousness. I can't stop laughing! I like lots of straight things too, like wrestling, football, and gladiators.

    Oh dear. I love how the author developed the characters and the writing was very descriptive. I truly felt like I got to know the characters personally. Your two pieces were last on the bill and the crowd loved them. Good work! The play in the elevator was fun and well done. Very interesting. Full Length by Daniel Guyton. Gary is a homophobe. The play explores his prejudices in one of the funniest, most shocking tragedies of all time. Loved and hated by critics across the globe, this play nearly caused someone to choke to death on opening night in Iceland. Some say it was from laughter.

    Others say it was the bile in the back of her throat. Regardless, you'll never forget the experience as Gary tries to prove how Regardless, you'll never forget the experience as Gary tries to prove how "not gay" he truly is. The characterisation was unusually good and it is rare to find such a great cast, in which each and every actor was absolutely brilliant.

    The language in the show is foul, but it serves the point. The tolerance of the prudes who see this show will be put to the test, because the language is basically a dictionary of the anus. It's refreshing. I searched for three days to find a monologue that was interesting enough to remember, and exciting and varied enough to perform.

    I did a little dance It's perfect - hilarious, shows a beautiful range of emotion and out of all the monologues I've read it's the only one that allowed me to instantly visualize who the character is - and it's completely appropriate for the role I'm going for. I watched the nine minute clip on your website and I love your sense of humor. I could picture that scene in my mind and it was really touching. In And Out by Daniel Guyton.

    Keyword: veterans, vet issues, military, PTSD, psychological, social issues, 10 minute play. A young girl imagines she is a military soldier. However, the nurse who keeps interrupting her fantasies would suggest otherwise. In the Shadow of a War by Daniel Guyton. Keyword: Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot, absurdism, theatre of the absurd, anti-war, 10 minute, absurd comedy. One-Act 10 min , A nod to Samuel Beckett, and a satire of this blasted war.

    Two roommates await the cannon fire of an impending army. It's highly reminiscent of Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot," but seems to take place in some sort of dungeon in which two prisoners cower and read It's highly reminiscent of Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot," but seems to take place in some sort of dungeon in which two prisoners cower and read from a blank book, awaiting a coming war. The dialogue is opaque and repetitious, but very nicely delivered by Jerry Jobe and Bob Winstead. Julie Taliaferro's direction prevents the action from becoming static.

    It provokes thought, [and it] needs to be done to perfection to work on all levels. January's Alibi by Daniel Guyton. Keyword: female monologue, women's issues, one woman play, prison monologue, murder mystery, vegetarian, African American female lead. One-Act 10 min , January is a poor woman, accused of murdering the father of her child. In this interrogation sequence, she explains what really happened. This woman seems unusually enthusiastic about her young son, Allegro Junior although his father has an entirely different first name.

    Since four-year-old Allegro was at least a witness of the murder, the tone wavers a bit between comedy and seriousness The blocking and acting are first-rate. She's f-ing funny to me excuse my French. Keyword: fairy tales, one act, children's play, elementary school, ghostbusters, middle school, faerie queen, Titania.

    A group of children are performing a school play about friendship and teamwork outdoors, when a magical fairy tells them to stay away from their tree. When the teacher calls in the ghostbusters, all chaos breaks loose. Keyword: one act, children's play, King Arthur, round table, elementary school, middle school, video games, nerds, Camelot. One-Act 30 min , A book-smart elementary school student removes a mysterious "motherboard from the stone" and becomes queen of Game-A-Lot, where she and her fellow nerds invent the greatest video game of all time, in this hilarious spoof of the King Arthur legend.

    He thinks, and writes, outside the box.