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Who Are the Nephilim?

Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and others are replete and indeed founded on ritual and "devotion to a person or thing. The term cult, in its modern and widely understood form, is reserved for any group formed under a hierarchical structure , where some form of coercion or manipulation of the group members exists. The issue of justification for worship or allegiance - that is, the coercion and manipulation - is usually tied to the perceived or stated benefits or potential benefits to be derived from belief, worship or allegiance.

In other words, promises of heavenly rewards that can never be demonstrated or proven no one has ever come back to tell us that heaven exists, nor is there any proof , promises of survival of the end of the world - to be the "Chosen People" who rule - or wine bearing houris who minister to the martyr in paradise - are all included in the promises of the main cults that dominate our world: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

We, on the other hand, take the approach of a sort of scientific mysticism - where mystical claims are submitted to rational analysis and testing, and the required scientific proofs are modified to allow for the nature of evidence from theorized realms outside our own where ordinary scientific proofs might not apply. And yet, again and again we have had to address this issue of being labeled a "cult" because the accusations and mud keep flying. In the beginning, it was very hard for me to understand why - after all, I was just a mother of five kids with a hobby publishing the results of my studies on the Internet and one would think that doing that was allowed in a democratic society - but it became obvious that there are some fairly powerful groups on the planet who must be scared to death of this ordinary housewife as is evident from the extraordinary amount of effort put into trying to shut me up!

So far, when we have tracked the origins and connections of our accusers, we generally end up at powerful Christian or Jewish organizations with covert government or military ties that have a vested interest in maintaining their cultic controls over peoples' minds. At this point, the Islamic groups haven't gone after us, but that's only because we have been pointing out that the Moslems are on the short end of the stick in this go-round.

The fact is, as far as I am concerned, Islam - as a monotheistic religion that promotes an "object of worship" - is no better than Christianity or Judaism - all three of them are, historically speaking, vile, bloody, violent CULTS. What is going on in the Middle East today - this conflict that threatens to blow up the whole planet and if you don't know that this is the case, you have NOT been paying attention!

I recently received a letter from a member of one of these cults about my series " Who Wrote The Bible? Wow, what you are describing in your article is the greatest conspiracy since man invented language! We have all been duped by a number of people throught histroy to create a religon to engineer social order in their favor. Note particularly the remark that " Secrecy stems from a pervasive and fundamental element of life in our world He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him.

When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. John We often think of it as the gravitational attraction of matter vs. Have you read your own article in full not looking at each point independently but the entire article as a whole. Can you see that what you are extrapolating to based on your military advice, is that a group of people conspired through several centuries to create a religion to justify genocide or whatever else was these peoples agenda were or still is. People around the times when all this conspiracy was bieng planned and developed must have all been very stupid and different from us today to accept even if forced upon them the greatest of all lies.

These people conspirators must have been a hundred times smarter than all the people who attempted genocoide in history before, and the people living throught these periods must have been a million times dumber than all other people in history. Again, judging by the response of this writer, the "conspirators" wouldn't even have to be a hundred times smarter The evidence is there to collect and assemble.

Nevertheless, when dealing with the possibility of hyperdimensional manipulations, beings that are "a hundred times smarter" and with astonishing technological capabilities that can be used to conceal their activities and manipulate vast numbers of people must be taken as a given.

But, even having said that, considering what we see happening on the planet today, who am I to argue with the assessment that people are a "million times dumber? People have a right to justify their own beliefs by disecting a so called propoganda in a seemigly logical way, but it usually fails because it does not truly examines what are the other alternatives for truth. Seeking truth cannot be one sided as your article is. Itself have so many flaws, even from the begining of the article when you said people are reading the bible from years ago.

Your article has the biggest contradiction of all by making references to text from the bible written way before years ago. Oh, but those people were too stupid to read it then But this mistake is honest, as you just overlooked this contradiction, but this happened due to the fact this foundation is important in defending your own belief if you have any that is.

First he has accused us of "justifying our own beliefs," and now he has assumed that we have none. His own knowledge of the texts he attempts to defend is also abysmally absent, and he has not, apparently, done any extensive studies into the history of the "writing" of the Bible himself. His "legalistic loophole" approach to the subject of the "Bible" fails to realize that the "Bible" as we know it really has not existed for a very long time at all, and that a general figure for the period of time in which the various texts were being read before final assembly, can be averaged to about years.

I dont have the time to rebut your article because there are two many loopholes even though it appears logical. Please note, that contradictions and differences have two seperate definitions.

by Burton L. Mack

Example: Me and paul went to the shop. There are several ways to make this statement without a contradiction. I went to the shop 2.

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Paul went to the shop 3. Based on the examples you use from the bible, I think the better word to describe what you are saying is that there are differences. It is amazing how "true believers" will repeat the legalistic nonsense to defend their beliefs. It's the old "have you stopped beating your wife? The above is, in fact, exactly an example of how Jesus described the Pharisees, those legal hair splitters of Judaic law:. Luke And as he spake, a certain Pharisee besought him to dine with him: and he went in, and sat down to meat.

Even more telling is the fact that he "does not have time to rebut your article I'm just a "true believer" with no knowledge of the subject. I reported, Bush read a speech on CNN. I could go through your article like this and show you alternatives to alot of your points, but I doubt you will even consider my points. Again: "Now do ye Pharisees make clean the outside of the cup and the platter; but your inward part is full of ravening and wickedness.

There is a huge difference between lies and lack of information. But this writer apparently does not grasp that point. You see, you begin your article from your beleif and extrapolated downward.

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Again, this writer apparently has not read very much of the site here and - exactly as in the case of his own beliefs - is not even aware of my own background in Fundamentalist Christianity. Indeed, I began from my "beliefs But I didn't extrapolate downward, I investigated and tested and studied.

Only after years of gathering information did I even consider "extrapolating" in any direction. And then, I had to ask the even harder question: if this is true, and if there ARE people in authority who know this which there certainly were what could possibly be the motive for perpetrating and perpetuating this nonsense? I am not defending Christianity, but I am appalled at the one-sided article in the name of searching for the truth.

But to each his own. Bible God gave man the curiosity to discover the truth, but never will give him the satisfaction of discovering it. I dont thing you will ever find the truth, if you are not content then with faith, you are fighting a losing battle. But this is just a conspiracy and one big lie! Again we see the cognitive dissonance of the individual. He is not "defending Christianity," but he is certainly advocating the one thing that Christianity as we know it teaches as its main tenet: faith.

We are all supposed to be " content with faith. A fundamentalist not only believes that "with God, all things are possible," but also that "with the Bible, all interpretations are possible" except, of course, any interpretation that disagrees with church doctrine, or that posits any errors or contradictions in the Bible.

I wonder what he means by "Ecc. Bible followed by the lame quote? Does he think that this comes from the Bible? It doesn't. Not only that, but it is a SICK idea to even suggest that a real "God" would play such games with man. My guess is that he has not only NEVER really read the Bible, he is repeating ideas that he has been hypnotized into believing. It's amazing how many "true believers" in the Bible have never actually read it all the way through. As it happens, this little series is exactly about the problem created by "faith.

As one former believer in one of the Monotheistic cults wrote:. Faith that can "move mountains" is promoted by cults AKA the standard Monotheistic religions as the necessary thing that the "faithful" must cultivate in order to receive the benefits that are promised by the hierarchy. The example of Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son, Isaac, has been trotted out for ages as the supreme example of how one is to approach the "god.

This "Faith" is an essential part of the "covenant" with the god - a sort of "act of trade," so to say. The story about the almost sacrifice of Abraham is actually nearly identical to a Vedic story of Manu. These acts of sacrifice were based on what was called sraddha which is related to the words fides, credo, faith, believe and so on. The word sraddha was, according to religious historians Dumezil and Levi, too hastily understood as "faith" in the Christian sense. Correctly understood, it means something like the trust a workman has in his tools to "shape or create" and techniques of sacrifice were, in the way of tools, similar to acts of magic!

Such "faith" is, therefore, part of a "covenant" wherein the sacrificer knows how to perform a prescribed sacrifice correctly, and who also knows that if he performs the sacrifice correctly, it must produce its effect. In short, it is an act that is designed to gain control over the forces of life that reside in the god with whom one has made the covenant. Such gods as make covenants are not "literary ornaments" or abstractions. They are active partners with intelligence, strength, passion, and a tendency to get out of control if the sacrifices are not performed correctly.

In this sense, the sacrifice - the "faith" - is simply black magic. In another sense, the ascetic or "self-sacrificer," is a person who is striving for release from the bondage and order of nature by the act of attempting to mortify the self, the flesh; testing and increasing the will for the purpose of winning tyrannical powers while still in the world. But again, we see that through this self-sacrifice, he or she seeks mastery of the gods. It is, in short, manipulation and coercion at its most subtle to promote "faith" as the bringer of salvation.

What seems to be so is that it is generally individuals who have been "disenfranchised" or who feel helpless and at the mercy of the forces of life - whether they manifest through other people or random events - are those who are most likely to seek such faith, such a covenant with a god. They feel acutely their own inability to have an effect in the world, and they turn their creativity inward to create and maintain their "faith. Fundamentalism of any sort - be it Judaism, Christianity or Islamic - thrives on certain characteristics of human beings. The first characteristic is " absolute certainty.

This point was actually made by Jesus in the parable of the talents. In this story, Jesus describes "Knowledge" as "money" given to three servants. In fact, the exact description is that they "invest," or take a risk by giving up what they have been given - what they know knowledge of the kingdom - in order to multiply it. He closed his mind to more knowledge. He assumed that what he had was sufficient and stopped seeking. He denied himself by denying knowledge and the risks entailed in gaining it. The "absolute certainty" - the burying of the talent - of the Fundamentalist is very similar to what psychologists call the "Right Man Syndrome.

They rely on their "faith" and their "sacrifices" to the god to ultimately bring them the great "reward. The Right Man is generally a person who has a "high need for dominance," but who repeatedly finds himself in life situations of subordinance. Placed in such situations, they attempt to express their dominance need in the only ways available to them: generally manipulation for power which is, in the end, what faith and sacrifice amount to. What is crucial to understand is that Fundamentalists are basically "giving their will" away in exchange for promised benefits.

This free will is their own power of creativity - their own possibility for growth and development that can only commutate and expand in the process of uncertainty, taking risks, and making free and willing exchanges with others that do NOT include dominance and manipulation. The "absolute certainty" of the Fundamentalist locks them into Entropy and their creative energy goes to feed a vast system of illusion. These systems are the creation and maintenance of the Idols they worship. Like the paranoid schizophrenic, they devise baroque and ingenious systems of perception and define them as "given by god.

Of course, this system of being able to find a text for everything in the Bible, and explaining contradictions and errors as just "different points of view" on the same event, ultimately amounts to being able to do exactly as one likes.

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Many fundamentalists throughout history have excused the most horrific crimes imaginable by quoting the appropriate text from the Bible. The name of Yahweh, Jesus and Allah has been invoked to cover every horror that might satisfy the most degraded of criminals. Another aspect of the Right Man that manifests in religious beliefs is that Fundamentalists look down on others who do not share their faith.

It is, at root, an "us vs. Fundamentalists are more interested in dogma than in actual deeds in the moment. It is extremely important to get others to believe in their illusion in order to confirm its "rightness" even if they claim, on the surface, that "everyone has the right to their own opinion. This rightness MUST be maintained at all costs because, deep inside, the Right Man or woman is usually struggling with horror at their own helplessness.

Their rightness is a dam that holds back their worst fears: that they are lost and alone and that there really is no god because how could there be a god who loves them if they have to suffer so much? Their inability to feel truly loved and accepted deep within is, in effect, like being stranded in a nightmare from which they cannot wake up. As a general rule, Fundamentalists also have a deep distrust of women and this is characterized by the place of women in the three major Monotheistic religions.

Certainly, they disguise this distrust in myriads of ways, but they are almost never able to have a healthy relationship with a real woman who they can accept as a living, breathing, human being. For them, women must be either saints or whores and the least flaw in a woman who has been sanctified immediately turns her into a repulsive and reviled degenerate. As I wrote in the previous chapter, there I was, a mother with three little babies, and every Sunday when we went to church, we heard more and more about the coming "End of the World.

When I held my babies and rocked them or looked into their sweet, innocent faces - untroubled by the concerns of the world around, certain that Mother would make them safe - I had to ask myself "How can I tell them these things? How can I "break it to them" that this world into which they have been born is so frightening and uncertain and full of traps that not only are their lives in constant danger, their very souls may be in peril?

How could I tell that to my children??? The writings included in the New Testament were not written by whose names that are attached to them. In the early period of collecting lore, interpreting teachings, and trying out new ideas to fit the novel groupings spawned by the different Jesus followers, many minds, voices, and hands were involved in on the drafting of the written materials. No one thought to take credit for the writings. Most of the writings in the New Testament were either written anonymously and later assigned to a person of the past or written later as a pseudonym for some person thought to have been important from the earliest period.

It is neither an authentic account of Christian beginnings nor an accurate account of the history of the Christian church. True religious historians would describe it as myth. The book is certainly worthy of a good study as it opens avenues of thought that have been suppressed for centuries by the defenders of religious myths.

Exploring in Yahoo I eventually stumbled upon this website. I most for sure will make certain to don? It is a collection of answers that I should have had much earlier in my life, but not until now have I found it all, and placed it in once place for convenience. I have expressed , here, all the things I did not know about when I was a young man and had taken it all for granted.

How wrong and misled was I all those years. But it has been a work of great satisfaction because it has illuminated the dark recesses of my brain. In fact I have gone far beyond my own expectations. I started to try to discover when people could hate enough to kill one another and drifted into archaeology, and anthropology, and ancient history and cultures and the beginnings of civilisations. But biggest of my discoveries are to be able to look under the ancient myths that have filled our sacred Holy Books and to be able to understand where they came from.

Finding that has given be the greatest of peace of mind with myself. Many of you will disagree with my findings but then you will have a very long road of discovery ahead of you. Bless you! Its like you learn my mind! You seem to know so much about this, such as you wrote the e-book in it or something.

A great read. I will certainly be back. The reason some of us think alike is because we have let facts and logic rule our thoughts and discarded myths and folklore. But it is certainly difficult convince people who have been meme-ified since birth. But we will continue to speak what we believe and think until we can convince all peoples.

Burton L. Mack

Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging on sites I stumbleupon everyday. It will always be helpful to read content from other writers and use something from other sites. I am glad that my researches may have opened a new window to your perceptions. That is what the internet is for. The sharing of ideas and views. Thanks for sharing such a pleasant thinking, paragraph is fastidious, thats why i have read it fully. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point.

You obviously know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be giving us something informative to read? This topic is so large and controversial that one could write books about it. But there are many Christian evangelicals who will not accept such fresh views willingly. But if we are able to get a dialogue going or new thoughts on the matter, that is a step in the right direction.

The video below gives more information about how the slime mold U. It just seems difficult for men, especially, to settle down and not work. I am regular visitor, how are you everybody? This paragraph posted at this site is genuinely nice. It includes pleasant material. Heya i am for the first time here. I hope to give something back and aid others like you helped me. Why viewers still use to read news papers when in this technological globe everything is presented on net? But each serves a purpose.