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Learning the skill and techniques of problem solving will last you a lifetime.

Problem-Identification Research By conducting new market research projects in your company, you might discover a potential dilemma or opportunity that you have not considered before. Market Characteristics : the characteristics of your target market. You need to consider all aspects that drive your different customers to purchase.

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Your customers on the west coast are going to have different purchasing behaviors than those from the east coast. If you research how consumers might react to advertising or price changes in your product before you take action, you will be better prepared and market to your consumers more accurately. Market Share : percent of total product sales compared to your competitors. Market share gives you an estimate of the amount of market your company holds and can give you an idea of how you compare to your competitors.

It also can reveal some of your competitors' capabilities and strengths, so you can develop an appropriate strategy. Problem-Solving Research Once you identify your marketing problem, you need to research how to solve it.

The following research options will help you solve potential problems or capitalize on opportunities identified by your company: Distribution Research : determining where your product should be sold and how to get it there. Distribution Research helps you plan the best way to get your product from the manufacturer to the retail shelf. In addition to deciding which retailers should carry your product, you should determine where your inventory will be held.

Market Segmentation : Grouping customers by similar backgrounds or similar purchase behaviors. Utilizing problem-solving research can determine how to most accurately accomplish this and even how to design advertisements to attract those groups. You will need to collect both qualitative and quantitative data to accurately understand your market segments.

Psychological Steps Involved in Problem Solving

Pricing Research : determining the ideal price for your product. Setting the price for your product is one of the most important marketing steps. You need to keep the customer in mind as well as remember that the main goal is to maximize your profits.

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  5. Learning the skill and techniques of problem solving will last you a lifetime..
  6. What kind of problem?.
  7. Defining a problem; identifying causes; gathering information?
  8. Consider whether or not customers can be gained through lower prices. Can you maximize profit through increasing price?

    Are You Solving the Right Problem?

    How sensitive will your customers be if you begin slightly increasing price? All aspects need to be well thought-out. Product Research : testing your new or revised products or completing test marketing. Some designers, maybe as a reaction, seem to want to transcend the aesthetic design aspect, even avoiding bringing it to the table.

    Among them we could include some who produce beautiful work. To speak about beauty has become uncomfortable. It could become a time-consuming argument and deflect attention from core design tasks. I admit that sometimes I have avoided this issue when dealing with a customer. Others place design work focused purely on function, efficiency and measurable results at a higher level.

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    White background and blue links on digital products, flat aluminium sheets and visible screws in physical products. It could be interpreted that when everything makes sense and works, it is automatically beautiful. Obviously, to solve problems and achieve beauty are not incompatible activities, so, why is problem solving not the best way to explain our work? First, we should know what we are calling a problem : a perceived gap between what we have and what we want, a situation we want to change.

    They could be named as local problems in contrast to the global problem stated in the briefing. Those local problems are something to overcome, but not enough to complete a great job, they are at the base of the pyramid. They are well-defined problems, if we find one solution, it can be enough. In this case, designers and engineers can use a process of analysis and subsequent synthesis. The approach of dealing with such problems is engineerish, assuming that the problem can be well defined, broke down to address each cause and a solution that can be true or false can be built.

    Engineering vs. Peter Ljungstrand. Engineering approach. Design approach.

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    In many cases, this kind of problems are based on a contradiction and accept an algorithmic and heuristic solving strategy principles, rules and strategies. A well known method in engineering, TRIZ , is based on solving technical contradictions partially or completely. Of course, he was deported to Siberia. Altschuller studied over , patents and concluded that most of them are based on 40 principles of invention. The second issue was to isolate the contradiction, to avoid that if a characteristic is modified, others would get worse. The next step after trying to do something systematic as TRIZ is to automate it.

    In Herbert A. Simon , J. Not bad. It is still common to set fixed requirements to get a specific goal, but freezing conditions does not freeze the problem on which they are based. The requirements are only a model among many of the problem. In design it is usual to run into non-completely defined problems, even some that are not articulated yet. A product that creates frustration when used, makes a problem visible, it may or may not be well defined, but sometimes what the designer has to look for are opportunities from still unexpressed needs. Indeed, these cases are those where a designer puts her skills really into play.

    The desired state may not have been specified yet or presented in a incomplete or provisional way. We cannot presuppose that there is something like a set design problem at any point in the design process. Solutions generated along the process are not unique and do not imply the problem ends. The end is rather a point of sufficiently satisfactory balance.