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Two prototypes were built, one with a Porsche suspension pattern that consisted of eight wheels, and one with Henschel nine-wheel pattern, the one used on the Original Tiger II.


World War II: The Allied Invasion of Europe - The Atlantic

Both vehicles were finished in , and were given the designation 'Jagdtiger'. The Jagdtiger mounted a boxy, fixed casemate at the center of a lengthened King Tiger chassis, similar to. This casemate featured very heavy armor, about mm thick on the front, while the glacis plate featured the standard Tiger II mm layout.

This heavy armor added serious weight to the vehicle, and the hp Maybach V12 engine proved very underpowered, resulting in a poor power-to-weight ratio. This in turn strained parts and caused poor speed and off-road capability, as well as reliability and efficiency. These problems were so severe that the majority of vehicles lost were due to these problems, rather than enemy fire. The armament of the Jagdtiger was the immensely powerful mm naval gun, which was 55 calibers long. The gun fired separate-loading ammunition, which made a second loader necessary.

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The cannon fired AP shells, which used their sheer kinetic energy to penetrate and smash enemy vehicles. The weapon was mounted on a limited-traverse. The German army ordered around Jagdtigers, however only 80 were produced. Production ran from December of to April of , and vehicles were produced at the Nibelungenwerk facility in St. Only two heavy tank-hunter battalions received the vehicle. One Jagdtiger commander, Otto Carius, lead a company of the th battalion.

Allied Vehicles

They stole engineering documents, blueprints, and — most importantly — planes. They would advance right behind friendly troops into German air bases or sometimes even move forward into areas thought to have no defenders. As the likely Allied sectors of occupation took shape, they even went into the areas that would be occupied by British, French, or Russian troops and stole German planes from there to the American sector.

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The Arado was the world's first operational jet-powered bomber. The sole surviving aircraft of its type now resides at the Smithsonian Museum.

1. D-Day Meaning: The 'D' in D-Day doesn’t actually stand for anything.

After Germany fell in May , Allied forces poured into formerly occupied areas and scooped up everything they could find. The plane had previously been used by the Germans to take reconnaissance photos of heavily defended areas like the Normandy beaches in the months after D-Day. The British shared the Arado with America and the captured jet is the only surviving plane of its type. It currently resides at the Smithsonian Museum.

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  • Photo and cutline: U. When the 3rd Armored Division reached Soissons in August , it was hot on the heels of retreating German forces.

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    The American crews raced forward to cut off their foes, and some of the tank crews spotted a German train attempting to flee east with a large amount of supplies and a tank. The Americans tried to take out the tank with 37mm anti-tank fire, but it was ineffective. Instead, they kept steady small arms fire on everyone attempting to get into the tank as the Shermans wiped out the infantry company on the train.

    The Americans were able to capture the train and the tank. Oddly enough, some of the trains much-needed space was taken up with lingerie and lipstick, likely gifts for German girlfriends. A captured Fw A. When World War II drew to a close in , the Allies had a massive surplus of military vehicles on their hands. The United States alone had manufactured approximately , aircraft for the war.

    WWII Allied Vehicles

    Many of the aircraft that survived the war were not worth the expense of transportation back to the States, and were dumped or destroyed in their theatre of operation. Of the planes that did return, many were stripped of valuable components and melted down for their aluminum. At Kingman Air Force Base in Arizona, an estimated 5, aircraft were stored and scrapped in and While many vehicles were sold for metal and parts, others were repurposed for civilian use.

    Tanks and half-tracks were disarmed and reformatted as tractors and bulldozers. Americans were so eager to get their hands on cheap surplus Jeeps that auto companies urged the government to leave them overseas, fearing they would cut into new car sales.