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I have often made the claim on this blog that I generally dislike science fiction but perhaps that is because I have read the wrong books I often wonder if Robert Heinlein has biased me against all science fiction. I really enjoyed Solaris for many of the reasons Book Worm mentioned above. I actually liked the movie which I had seen prior to reading the book although admittedly my tolerance for bad quality movies is quite high. While I may be a snob when it comes to books, I will pretty much watch and enjoy all movies.


A Stanislaw LEM Reader

Yet as Book Worm writes above, the book was superior in all ways to the movie. Solaris was a very engaging, intelligent, and well-written book. It is described by many as philosophical science fiction and it raises issues about what makes us who we are. It is a book that blur the lines between reality and hallucination bring us to question the very nature of our perception. Philp K. Dick accused him of being a communist agent and he was booted out of the Science Fiction Writers Association Wired magazine, As Book Worm has warned above, the book is filled to the brim with scientific digressions that at times can be quite dry.

That said, I enjoyed the book and found it quite thought-provoking.

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It was a creepy read. Want to try it for yourself? You can find a copy here: Solaris.

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I rated it 4 stars, too. I liked the notion of a planet that could plumb the depths of human subconscious and draw out the things we hide from ourselves in order to function socially. The presumptuousness of humans when faced with an alien life form was also thought provoking. Like Like. Which movie? There have been three. Did you read the book? The Martian which is a survival story in space — it probably could have been anywhere, but I thought it was funny and engaging.

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