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These limitations, in turn, severely constrain the potential of these methods as both research tools and clinical therapeutics.

Other Knockdown Techniques Except for CRISPR-Cas9

Here we present a simple, non-virally mediated, cell membrane—permeant, targeting peptide—based system to rapidly and reversibly knock down an endogenous protein of interest by targeting it for lysosomal degradation Fan et al. As shown below, the peptide consists of a cell membrane-penetrating sequence roughly 10aa long that can deliver the peptide across the blood-brain barrier and the plasma membrane of cells; a short target protein-binding amino acid stretch roughly 10aa long that specifically bind to the target protein of interest with high affinity; and the chaperone-mediated autophagy-targeting motif CTM 14 aa long that can direct the peptide-protein complex for lysosomal degradation.

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Using this technology, we have designed multiple membrane-permeant peptides that can acutely and reversibly knock down many proteins of interest. Based on our great expertise in peptide design and development, we are also open to any kind of collaboration in developing small membrane-permeant peptides that can knock down any pathological protein of interest.

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It is a mottled texture, more intense than a simple flat finish, but less intense than orange peel , or popcorn , texture. Knockdown texture is created by watering down joint compound to a soupy consistency.

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A trowel is then used to apply the joint compound. The joint compound will begin to form stalactites as it dries. The trowel is then run over the surface of the drywall, knocking off the stalactites and leaving the mottled finish.

Knockdown Verification at the Protein Level

A much more common, and faster technique is to apply the texture mud which is slightly different from joint compound, in that it has less shrinkage upon drying with a texture machine — a compressor and a texture spray hopper which sprays mud instead of paint. This applies what is referred to as a splatter coat. The use of a compressor allows this to be applied to walls as well as ceilings.

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When knocking this down, the mud is allowed to dry for a short period, then skimmed with a knockdown knife — a large, usually plastic to reduce noticeable edges knife. Knockdown texture reduces construction costs because it conceals imperfections in the drywall that normally require higher more expensive stages of sand and prime for drywall installers.

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